Carethia Curry, Felicia Scott: TV One's 'For My Man' Examines Case Of An Alabama Woman Who Murdered Friend For Her Baby

Felicia Scott, the woman who killed her close friend in order to secure a baby for her man, will make the next episode of TV One's For My Man. For My Man is the latest documentary to come to TV One. In a previous article, Inquisitr brought you the story of Vanessa Coleman and Tamika Jasper-Barbary---two other women who were arrested for a crime they committed for their boyfriends. In Monday night's episode, TV One viewers will hear the shocking story of Felicia Scott, an African American Alabama woman who made news headlines in 1996 for killing a pregnant woman for the baby, according to The Chicago Tribune.

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[photo credit: TV One Facebook]The case was brought to the attention of police after Carethia Curry vanished after going out to have pizza with a Scott. Court records show that Carethia Curry was an innocent teen mother who trusted 29-year old Felicia Scott as a friend. The killer befriended the young woman with the sole intention of killing her and taking her child to raise as her own. Prosecutors say Felicia Scott was desperate to please and hold on to her boyfriend. Three months after her disappearance, Carethia Curry's body was found stuffed in a barrel. The barrel had been thrown down a 50-foot ravine. An autopsy report concluded that she had been shot in the head. The baby survived.

Everyone who knew Carethia and Felicia said that their relationship was very close, and that, when you saw one, you saw the other. They shared secrets, conversations, dreams, and plans that they had for the future. During Carethia Curry's pregnancy, Felicia Scott was like a mentor to her.

But despite Felicia Scott's friendly demeanor, she planned and calculated how she would kidnap and murder Carethia Curry. The plan was put in place months before the crime was committed. Law enforcement officials say that Felicia Scott got pamphlets from the local health department and learned everything she could about c-section and delivering babies at home. Then, when she thought Carethia Curry was close to giving birth, she decided to lure her by inviting her out to get pizza so that she could abduct her.

The Felicia Scott--Carethia Curry baby abduction case is one of many that have made news headlines around the U.S. since the 1970's. One famous case involved a obstetrics nurse who befriended a young, Hispanic woman who was pregnant with her fourth child. In that case, the nurse offered to deliver the baby at her home but killed her and stole the baby, instead.

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[photo credit: TV One Facebook]According to an article by Murderpedia, the stats surrounding fetal abductions are alarming.
"Fetus abductions often happen at the hands of a friend, and are almost always done by a woman. According to 'Abductions from the Womb", an article by Dr. Marlene Dalley for the RCMP. 'In most cases of fetus abduction, the abductor befriends the pregnant victim, all the while planning to kill her and extract the baby by Cesarean section, obviously risking the baby's health and life. Unlike infant abductions, the fetus abductor is so determined to give birth to a child that she actually acts out the fantasy of delivering the baby herself, rather than kidnapping one already born."
In general, women commit violent offenses three out of four times, and four out of ten women are suspected of being under the influence of a controlled substance at the time crimes are committed, according to a crime study report.

For My Man, which is a crime documentary show that just started a few weeks ago, focuses on women who have allowed men to entangle them in their webs of deceit, crime, and murder. TV One's Fatal Attraction, brings viewers the worst cases of couples who have allowed their lives to spiral so far out of control that it ends and murder.

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