Obese Teen Georgia Davis Cut Free From Her Home

An obese teen has had to be cut free from her home in Wales by a team of forty helpers, according to the Associated Press.

19-year-old Georgia Davis had spent the last three years of her life indoors when a group of care workers, doctors, paramedics, fire crews and council workers intervened. A team of scaffolders was also deployed, using scaffolding as a ramp to lower Davis to ground level.

Neighbors of the teenager said she had become too big to leave her small home. On May 31, she was rescued from the second floor.

In the previous three years, Davis’ weight had reportedly threatened her life – she is said to now weigh close to 60 stone (840 lbs). A Welsh Ambulance Service spokesman said it had used a reinforced ambulance, designed specifically for obese patients and known as a ‘bariatric ambulance,’ to transport Davis to the local hospital.

This is not the first time the teenager has made rather sad headlines. The Daily Post reports that she was once dubbed “Britain’s fattest teen,” and that she also appeared on an American bootcamp series in 2008, where she reduced her weight to a more manageable figure. Since the show’s extreme workouts, however, her weight has risen again.


“I think the TV program helped to start with,” gossiped 52-year-old neighbor Jane Price. “But then she was under a lot of pressure to keep it off.”

Sky News reported that before her reality TV appearance, Davis had compared her desire for food to an addiction, telling the station:

“If you get to the point where I was, you can’t stop eating. It is like heroin — you need help. I really didn’t want to be that person anymore.”

Good luck for a speedy recovery, Georgia.