Blake Shelton Opens Up About Miranda Lambert Split, Talks Weight Loss And ‘Divorce Diet’

Blake Shelton reveals he's doing "good" following his divorce from Miranda Lambert.

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert may have shocked fans with the news of their abrupt split in July, but Shelton wants to reassure fans that he’s doing just fine since deciding to end his four-year marriage to Lambert just five months ago.

In a new interview with E! News, Shelton opens up about how he’s holding up since being plagued with cheating rumors following the confirmation of his divorce from Miranda earlier this year.

When asked how he’s managing the abrupt separation, Shelton admits he’s “in a good place” despite rumors that suggest both he and Lambert were unfaithful in their marriage.

Blake Shelton admits he's "doing good" after splitting from Miranda Lambert.

“I wasn’t but I am now,” Shelton admits when asked if he’s in a good place, noting that he’s had “some pretty cool things in recent times that’ve happened” that are contributing to his upbeat feelings.

While Blake is currently busy serving as a coach on NBC’s hit talent series, The Voice, Shelton admits that he’s been focusing on getting back into shape with the help of a “divorce diet.”

Although Blake admits he hasn’t been fully committed to his diet and exercise, noting that he “hates” the two activities, Shelton credits his noticeable weight loss to landscaping.

Just weeks before Miranda and Blake announced their separation in July, Shelton took to Twitter to tell his followers that he’s working out by mowing his yard with a push mower.

“I push-mow my lawn because I’m so stupid that, I mean, I’ve made enough money at this point, I could have a riding lawn mower or even better yet, just hire somebody to come mow my lawn,” Shelton explained to CMT.

Blake went on to explain that while it may have been easier to hire someone to oversee the landscaping of his yard, he felt that being able to work on his own lawn helped him to overcome “the crisis and chaos with [his] personal life.”

While Shelton may be feeling more positive now that the hype surrounding the announcement of his divorce from Miranda has died down, Blake admits that he was shocked to see how quickly their divorce was finalized.

In an interview with the Bobby Bones Show in September, Shelton admits that because of his and Miranda’s prenuptial agreement and lack of kids, there was only a “nine or ten-day waiting period until it’s over.”

While it’s unclear as to why the duo officially ended their four-year marriage so abruptly, reports confirmed that both Blake and Miranda divided their assets accordingly with the country songstress keeping ownership of their Nashville home and Shelton maintaining ownership of his own Oklahoma ranch.

Blake Shelton opens up about Miranda Lambert divorce.

“We knew if rumblings and rumors started coming out, they would just be that,” Shelton explains of the divorce, “By the time anybody knew anything, it was over…It was done.”

Sources close to Shelton and Lambert explained at the time of the duo’s divorce that while both parties were “heartbroken” and “devastated,” they felt it was important to put on a “united front” in regards to the rumors surrounding their split.

“Our whole thing was, we are going to be cool about this,” Blake continues, “It is what it is. We’re buddies.”

Currently, Miranda is said to be doing well since finalizing her divorce from Blake while Shelton continues to remain mum regarding rumors that suggest he’s getting cozy with his fellow The Voice coach, Gwen Stefani.

While Blake recently poked fun at the rumors surrounding his working relationship with Gwen, neither Shelton nor Stefani have commented on reports suggesting that they’re developing a budding romance.

Gwen Stefani made headlines earlier this summer after she announced her divorce from longtime partner and husband, Gavin Rossdale.

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