Kristopher Love: Kendra Hatcher Killed In Brutal Murder-For-Hire Plot

Kristopher Love was arrested in Texas in connection with the shooting death of a pediatric dentist, and an arrest warrant for a woman who allegedly sought out his services to kill Kendra Hatcher was issued, police said. Officials in Dallas are still looking for 33-year-old Brenda Delgado, who they say planned the brutal murder-for-hire plot, Fox News reports.

According to Dallas News, authorities found Dr. Kendra Hatcher dead in the garage of her residence last month. Dallas Police Maj. Max Geron said 31-year-old Kristopher Love has been charged with capital murder in the September 2 murder. Love was also charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon. Geron said that at the time of Love's arrest, he possessed a gun believed to have been used in the dentist's murder. Love is currently being held at the Dallas County Jail on a $2.5 million bond.

The following excerpt is from a statement released by the Dallas Police.

"Over the course of the last month, Dallas police homicide detectives have been working tirelessly together with our partners at the Dallas County District Attorney's office and our federal partners at the FBI and US Attorney's office piecing together information related to the murder of Dr. Kendra Hatcher, killed on September 2, 2015."

"Within the last 48 hours specifically, detectives have been working around the clock executing search warrants and interviewing individuals in connection with the offense."

"Tonight, we announce the arrest of Kristopher Love, Black male 03-23-1984, as the person we have identified as having shot Dr. Hatcher. He has been charged with Capital Murder and a federal charge of Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Felon and is currently in the Dallas County Jail on a $2.5 million bond. When Mr. Love was arrested, he was found in possession of the weapon believed to have been used to kill Dr. Hatcher."

"Additionally, we have secured a warrant for the arrest of Brenda Delgado, Latin female 6-18-1982, also for the charge of Capital Murder for her involvement in the offense."

According to research, Brenda Delgado, who was allegedly the mastermind behind the planning and the commission of the murder, used to date the boyfriend of Hatcher. Delgado allegedly hired Kristopher Love to kill Kendra Hatcher, the new girlfriend of her former partner, Ricardo Paniagua.
Police say Delgado also hired 23-year-old Crystal Cortes, a former dental assistant. Reportedly, Cortes admitted to police that she was the getaway driver after Hatcher was killed. Two days after the murder, Cortes was arrested on a capital murder charge. Her bail was set at $500,000.

Cortes admitted that she conspired in exchange for $500 for driving to Hatcher's luxurious apartment complex. Cortes told detectives that Delgado used an iPhone to track Hatcher's cellphone, and after arriving at their destination, Love allegedly shot Hatcher in the parking lot.

The authorities classified the case as one of "contract killing."

Paniagua, a dermatologist, had separated from Delgado in the spring of this year and joined in a relationship with Hatcher, who was divorced. As of the time of this report, Delgado has not been charged and remains a fugitive. Geron did not mention a possible motive for the crime at a news conference on Friday.

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