'Destiny': How To Get The Touch Of Malice Exotic Scout Rifle

Destiny players will always seek out the most powerful weapons in the game and one of them just might be the Touch of Malice. PlayStation and Xbox players hoping to get the Exotic Scout Rifle have a lengthy road ahead of them, though, full of item hunting and defeating some of the most difficult encounters in the game.

The Touch of Malice Exotic Scout Rifle is extremely powerful and comes with some of the most unique perks yet in Destiny. The namesake perk deals bonus damage with the final round of the magazine and automatically regenerates that final round, but at the expense of some of the player's life. This is countered with the "Touch of Mercy" perk that returns health with three rapid kills.

Players should be able to kill almost all but the highest level Majors quickly with the weapon to earn their health back quickly. Reloading will always reset the weapon bonus and the damaging effects, as well.

This is a weapon that is definitely geared towards PVE content. With that said, here are the steps Destiny players will need to follow to earn the Touch of Malice.

Destiny Touch of Malice (PlayStation, Xbox)

Step 1 – Complete the "Shattered Past" Quest

Eris Morn will give you a quest called "Shattered Past" that requires you to find five Calcified Fragments on the Dreadnaught. Finding these fragments is like finding the Dead Ghosts during Destiny Year One and are located in various hidden spots and chests around Oryx's massive space fortress and can also be earned by defeating bosses in the Court of Oryx.

Step 2 – Obtain "The Hunger Pangs" Quest – Part 1

You will need to obtain "The Old Hunger" Quest from Eris after collecting 10 additional Calcified Fragments for a total of 15. This will send you on your way to defeat a Taken Centurion in the Saltmines in the Bunker War-4 area.

Step 3 – Obtain "The Old Hunger Quest" and Beat King's Fall Raid

The headline for this step makes it sound so easy, right? Don't fret. You can also enter the King's Fall Raid and back out before fighting the first boss to receive the quest from Eris.

This quest will require you to complete the Raid and obtain the Blade of Famine from the War Priest, Shroud of Anuk from the Death Singers, and the Ravenous Heart from Oryx himself. You can then present these lovely gifts to Eris in the Tower.

Step 4 – Collect 25 Wormspore, 50 Hadium Flakes, and 50 Weapon Parts

This step means it is time to go material farming on the Dreadnaught. Run around in circles exploring caves and other nooks and crannies of the ship. Hadium Flakes can be found in loot chests, while Wormspore typically lay around on the ground. The Mausoleum is perhaps the best farming area for this effort.

Weapon Parts are easily obtained by dismantling unused weapons. Remember to have them fully upgraded prior to dismantling to guarantee extra weapon parts. You don't have to pay to upgrade all of the nodes.

Destiny - Eris Morn
Your best friend during this quest.

Step 5 – Obtain "The Hunger Pangs" Quest – Part 2

Get your Calcified Fragment collection up to 30 for the next part of the "Hunger Pangs" quest. This sends you into a special version of The Undying Mind Strike to kill Mogarth, Lore-Keeper. This Knight shows up during the final boss fight. Just make sure you kill Mogarth before killing the Undying Mind boss.

Step 6 – Obtain "The Hunger Pangs" Quest – Part 3

Bring your Calcified Fragment collection up to 45 to unlock the final part of the Touch of Malice quest line. Eris will now send you to Phobos to take on Mar-Zik, the Blightcaller.

Step 7 – Visit Eris to receive the Touch of Malice

The final step in the quest is the most rewarding for Destiny players. The Touch of Malice comes with a 310 Attack rating, the highest in the game along with some unique perks and slightly disturbing lore.

[Images via Bungie; H/T: DattoDoesDestiny]