Lady Drops Her Phone Into The Ocean, Then A Dolphin Does Something Adorably Nice! [Video]

A video of a lady dropping her cell phone into the ocean is going viral across the internet. That seems ridiculously absurd but it is what happens after she drops her phone that is getting a lot of attention. A dolphin actually swims to the bottom of the ocean and retrieves the phone for her, which of course touches the lady’s heart as well as the thousands who watched the video.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, the reason why dolphins may be so caring in the first place is because they are nurturers, as found in a scientific study. Just so it is known, nurturing is not just caring for and encouraging growth and development, specifically of offspring, but also to take care of or tend to. By helping the lady, the dolphin nurtured to her needs at that moment.

The video (attached above) making its viral rounds on the internet was uploaded by the YouTube channel for the Don’t Judge Challenge on Tuesday, September 29, 2015. Since then, over 75,000 viewers have seen the video. Only 234 people actually like what they watched, but it is a far better number in relation to the seven who did not like it. Nevertheless, the video attained enough traffic and attention in the amount of time it was online to be on the #PopularOnYouTube list.

From what it shows in the video, a lady and gentlemen on what is believed to be a pier looking over into the clear blue waters below. A dolphin is swimming about below them but eventually comes up with a phone in its mouth. The man, who is probably a dolphin trainer, takes the phone from the dolphin and hands it to the lady who expresses her gratitude.

“Oh my God! Thank you! Thanks! It’s never going to work again but thank you!”

Thankfully, multiple news outlets were able to attain more thorough information pertaining to the incredible moment the dolphin retrieved the phone for the lady. According to an article by Daily Mail, the lady is actually Miami Heat dancer Teressa Cee. She left her phone with a friend on a boat while diving with dolphins off the coast of the Bahamas. Unfortunately, the friend accidentally dropped the phone into the ocean. The dolphin named Cacique saw the phone drop, dived down to the bottom of the ocean, and retrieved it for Teressa.

Teressa Cee actually took numerous pictures of her adventure down in the Bahamas. She even posted a selfie with one of the dolphins (it is unknown if it is Cacique) to her Instagram account.

Teressa Cee with Dolphin
Swimming with dolphins was one of the things Teressa Cee wanted to do in her life. She says it is another thing checked off of her bucket list.

For those wondering why such amazing things happen between humans and dolphins, it may be because they exhibit some similarities to human intelligence, as reported by the Daily Dot. According to the TEDEd video lesson by Dr. Lori Marino featured in the article, dolphins can mimic humans, develop an understanding of symbols and syntax, and are one of the few animals that can recognized themselves in their reflections. They also exhibit empathy and altruism. Why they even mourn those who have passed.

Dolphins are truly amazing and have shown throughout the years to be wonderful companions to humans. Now that you’ve seen the viral video of a dolphin retrieving a phone for a lady who dropped it into the ocean, what are your opinions about it? Better yet, how do you feel?

[Images via Instagram]