Louis Tomlinson Uses Niall Horan As Shield In One Direction On-Stage Fight

Colin Fredericson

Louis Tomlinson sacrificed his old pal Niall Horan when Liam Payne attempted to soak him yet again. Louis Tomlinson can't stay dry, and it's due to Liam's nightly uncontrollable spats with liquid which leave Louis soaking wet and ready to retaliate. This time he kind of managed to dodge a water bottle onslaught when he grabbed Niall and thrust him into the line of fire.

As Unreality TV reports, the incident occurred during Sunday's Manchester show of their On The Road Again Tour, which is currently in the United Kingdom. The boys were all feeling sick after a spectacular six night run at London's O2 Arena before this Manchester performance. Liam Payne was the only member maintaining his health before trying to subject Tomlinson to a dose of water that might have left him wet and even sicker. If anything, the water games could keep Louis Tomlinson's spirits high in hopes of recovering for the remaining shows.

Besides trying to avoid the nightly, on-stage waterfalls courtesy of his bandmate, Louis Tomlinson has been courting his child's mother. Briana Jungwirth has been sighted at two London One Direction shows, and it could be a sign that she and Louis are ready to build a nest together. She was spotted in a VIP area, so it wasn't like she just decided to show up on her own. Briana was seen in the company of Tomlinson's mother and sister.

Though Briana came to London, Louis is reportedly seeking a home in the Los Angeles suburb where Briana lives. It's not clear whether or not Louis plans on living with her or just living near her. But even if he did move in, it's uncertain how much time Louis would have to take care of the family. Louis is returning to X Factor later this month, assisting with duties during the judges' houses stage of the competition.

After One Direction's long-talked-about break begins in March, it may leave Louis Tomlinson time to pursue even more X Factor responsibility. If he doesn't go that route, he could return to Los Angeles and settle in with fatherhood duties. Both Zayn Malik and Harry Styles are looking to release solo music, and Liam Payne is looking to do more production. Tomlinson could be preparing as a guest artist on any one of their projects, if he doesn't formulate solo plans of his own.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]