Jessa Duggar Might Be Moving Away From Family And Their Scandals

Jessa Duggar-Seewald hinted last week that she and husband Ben might be moving away from Arkansas, which is where her scandal-ridden family lives.

The former reality star and mother-to-be said at the Southern Women's Show in Orlando that Ben is looking into attending a seminary that's far away from their current home, and that they'll move if he decides to go.

Of course, the newlyweds might also have to take into account the fact that Jessa will be sharing the spotlight with sister Jill in a new reality spinoff of 19 Kids And Counting, which TLC announced last week. The show will focus on Jessa's journey as a new mom and Jill's move to Central America for mission work with her husband and infant son. The network announced the show just weeks after the Duggar family lost their own reality series due to eldest son Josh's molestation scandal and the news that he had cheated on his wife, Anna, using the hookup site, Ashley Madison.

"What we will be following in these specials is Jessa preparing for her first child, and we'll be watching Jill preparing to make a major move to Central America with her family, which we know is something our audience will be interested in," said TLC's Nancy Daniels.

It's unclear just how much of their lives the Duggar girls will be sharing on the show, but Jessa has already said she wants to have a home birth for her first child. Knowing that there can always be complications, Jessa said on the family blog that she and Ben have their birth plan ready to go.

"We have lots of relatives and friends who have had wonderful experiences with giving birth at home, and we are excited and hopeful that our experience will be the same. But we also realize that sometimes a transfer to the hospital may be necessary, and our birth plan definitely includes a plan B," Jessa said.

Since the early days of the Duggars' time on TLC, the family has continued to fascinate millions and garner loyal fans, many of whom have stood by their side this year after Josh Duggar's scandals, even as family members denounced him. Jessa's father-in-law, Michael, wrote a blog post about Josh earlier this year, calling him a "hypocrite."

"It distresses me to say that Josh Duggar's greatest sin is a byproduct of the sum total of his secretly sinful lifestyle. That is, that by his hypocrisy, he blasphemed the name of God. He claimed to be a Christian, but by his deeds he has suggested otherwise. With the name of God on his lips he lived a covert and extensive lifestyle of evil. While proudly saying things like, 'Our family is like the epitome of conservative values,' he was looking at porn and soliciting affairs. He took a job at the Family Research Council that exists to promote the traditional family, all the while undermining his own family by violating his marriage covenant," Seewald wrote.

Jessa has been making appearances lately, which were reportedly already scheduled before her brother began dominating the headlines, prompting promoters to inform guests that they are only to ask questions about Jessa's preparations for the baby, her time as a newlywed, and about their wedding. According to Facebook posts, many attendees at the Orlando conference were upset that Jessa was a speaking guest and questioned her ability to be a role model to young women considering her strict upbringing. Hundreds of comments were deleted from the page of the Southern Women's Show after attendees took to the thread below Jessa's photo to voice their displeasure.

[Photo courtesy Jessa Seewald / Instagram]