Former 'RHOC' Gretchen Rossi Takes Shots At Tamra Judge, Calls Her A 'Monster Mom'

Although she hasn't been on the show since Season 8, former Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi is taking shots at her old nemesis on the reality show, Tamra Judge. Rossi's comments follow what has been a tough year for Judge, who is currently in the midst of a controversial fight with her ex-husband, Simon Barney, over the custody of their children.

Tamra Judge has been fighting with Brooks Ayers on screen and ex Simon Barney off screen [Image Courtesy: Bravo]
Tamra Judge has been fighting with Brooks Ayers on screen and ex Simon Barney off screen [Image Courtesy: Bravo]In an interview with Radar Online, Rossi elaborated on Barney's recent comments about Judge being abusive. Basically, Gretchen Rossi believes the comments are fitting, considering Judge made similar accusations in the past that Barney was the bad parent in their relationship.
"Tamra called Slade a deadbeat dad, which is completely untrue because he has a great relationship with his son... What is funny about all of this is that now SHE is a monster mom! Her own daughter cannot stand her and does not want to see her anymore. This is a fact. Tamra knew that what she was saying about Slade at the time was not true."
Meanwhile, according to Reality Tea, Judge's daughter, Sydney, has officially decided to live with her father instead of with Judge. This news follows Barney's interview with People, which he agreed to do after Judge lashed out at him and claimed that he was intentionally alienating her daughter from her.

"I have always tried to keep quiet and take the high road," Barney told the magazine. "Unfortunately the latest barrage of negative press has warranted some kind of statement. My statement is to set the record straight with facts, truths, not fabrications and accusations."

Barney went on to say that all of the negative press their family has received in the past year has had a significant impact on his daughter, who has to live it out every day of her life. "Not only does my daughter have to read and hear about what her mother says about her father on the internet and various talk-shows, she is forced to relive it over and over from her friends and classmates."

For her part of the story, Judge stated that she has put forth her very best effort to try and get her daughter the help that she needs. "I've tried everything to get my daughter help. Simon fought so hard to get Sidney out of therapy and he went as far as to drag his daughter into a courtroom to testify how she doesn't want any more therapy."

Judge also told host Andy Cohen that Sydney's decision to live with her father was a result of Barney alienating her from everyone else in the family.

"My oldest daughter has chosen to live with Simon because she is the one between the three kids – she got caught up in the middle of it," she stated. "It's a bad case of parental alienation, and it's hard, and it's still a struggle, and I love her more than anything."

At the same, in light of all the comments made by both parties, Rossi admitted that she does feel a little bad for Judge. However, any sort of compassion and guilt she feels is apparently not enough to prevent her from remaining silent on the issue.

Gretchen Rossi also had some not-so-nice things to say about Vicki Gunvalson [Image Courtesy: Bravo]
Gretchen Rossi also had some not-so-nice things to say about Vicki Gunvalson [Image Courtesy: Bravo]"Although there is a compassionate side that wants to feel bad for her, there is also a side of me that is like 'you know what? Karma really is a b***h,'" she stated in the interview, adding in a few words for Vicki Gunvalson as well. "It doesn't feel good to have people second guessing you like both Vicki and Tamra did to me at the time."

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