Amber Rose Forgives Kanye West And Wiz Khalifa in Tearful ‘SlutWalk’ Speech

Amber Rose has forgiven Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa for slut shaming her.

Rose made the declaration at the SlutWalk she hosted in Los Angeles on Saturday, TMZ reports. In a tearful speech, Amber told the huge crowd that she wasn’t going to hold on to the negativity that Kanye and Khalifa’s statements had brought into her life.

“I want to forgive Kanye about what he said about me. I want to let all of that negativity go,” Amber Rose said through her tears.

Kanye West infamously declared that current wife, Kim Kardashian, insisted that he take 30 showers before he could be with her after he ended his relationship with Amber Rose. Many speculated that this was his rebuttal to Amber Rose’s previous comments about the relationship between Kylie Jenner and Tyga.

Amber Rose’s mom held up a sign that referenced Kanye’s statement at the SlutWalk yesterday.

Amber Rose mom at the Slutwalk
Amber Rose's mom had the best sign at the LA Slutwalk yesterday. Photo courtesy Amber Rose Instagram

Amber Rose and Kanye West dated for two years, from 2008 to 2010. Rose was with Kanye at that fateful night when he stormed the stage and interrupted Taylor Swift speech at the 2009 Video Music Awards. Amber Rose has stated in multiple interviews that Kanye cheated on her with Kim Kardashian.

As reports, Amber Rose went on to express her forgiveness for Wiz Khalifa, and her words were even more poignant her when you consider that he’s Rose’s ex-husband and the father of her child, Sebastian.

“He [Wiz Khalifa] went on to make a song saying that he fell in love with a stripper, but fell out of love quicker. As you can imagine, him being the love of my life, regardless of us going through a separation or not, it was extremely hurtful, “she added. “I also forgive Wiz for what he said. Wiz actually apologized to me already, so I have forgiven him.”

After making her peace with Kanye and Khalifa, Amber Rose used her SlutWalk speech to address women who have been slut-shamed in the past. She advised that they use the experience to help others.

“They [slut shamers] are ignorant at times. People are ignorant. You have to be the bigger person, be the positive person, to forgive, move on and help other people around you that have been through the same thing,” Rose said. “Let’s all come together and be positive role models for each other and let that negative s**t go.”

Amber Rose and her friend, and Tyga’s ex, Blacc Chyna made a bold statement at the 2015 MTV Awards in August on slut shaming. They wore nude outfits with the negative online comments they receive painted all over them.

“We’re just embracing the negativity,” she told Entertainment Tonight on the 2015 VMAS red carpet, “because regardless if we’re out with our sons, or we’re out with our moms, or we got a new boo, we’re always labeled as a slut because we’re sexy and we’re sexual beings. We got to the point where we’re just over that.”

“It brings awareness to a lot of men and women that [slut-shaming, victim blaming, rape and sexual assault happen] every single day,” she said. “It has happened to me on so many different levels.”

“It brings awareness to a lot of men and women that [slut-shaming, victim blaming, rape and sexual assault happen] every single day,” she said. “It has happened to me on so many different levels. … I really have been through some things… I lived it. Maybe one day I’ll tell me story.”

According to TMZ, Amber Rose and Blac Chyna are working on a reality show for MTV, but there’s no word yet on when it will be released.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison / Getty Images]