'Scandal' Season 5: Is Olivia's Confession The Beginning Of The End?

Scandal fans were shocked at the end of the last episode. Olivia Pope caused chaos on social media with just one word. She said "yes" when she was asked about her affair with Fitz. She became the "President's Mistress."

This is a huge development on the ABC series, and it could mean the end to this series is coming sooner than fans would like. Olivia's confession puts the relationship out in the open.

Fitz essentially set her free when he called her on last week's episode, but she made the conscious decision to hold on to him and their relationship.

Yes, she is going for Vermont. She wants it all. She wants a relationship with Fitz, and she is willing to put the spotlight on herself to get there. The leak of the photos has caused a chain reaction of events that Olivia and Fitz cannot come back from.

Shonda Rhimes has always said that the series would end with the end of Fitz's time in office. He will not be in office forever. Olivia's confession does set things up for the end. Now, Olivia and Fitz must work through the chaos ahead, face their lies, and move forward. Could fans really see Olivia in the White House before the end of his time in office?

Anything is possible with this series. Olivia's confession is a major bombshell. It shows that she is truly all-in. She could have gone back to Jake and live in the sun, but she chose the "dark and twisty" road ahead. She is taking a page out of Meredith Grey's handbook.

Scandal Season 5 will feature Olivia Pope taking on new challenges, and she is trying to heal. However, Kerry Washington said in a brief ABC interview clip that Olivia has a lot of baggage. How does one heal after everything Olivia has been through during the last four seasons?

Her one-word response to the press is a big move, but will she be able to handle the chaos ahead? Fans will need to keep watching Scandal to find out how Shonda Rhimes handles things with Olivia and Fitz during the rest of this Scandal season.

ABC has released a sneak peek for the next episode of Scandal Season 5, Episode 3, titled, "Paris Is Burning." The clip shows Abby running through the White House to stop Fitz and Mellie's interview before they deny his affair with Olivia.

Fitz went back to Mellie and was willing to stay with her after he called Olivia to set her free. Now, he needs to deal with the fact that Olivia really does want him.

Their relationship has always been so twisted, but now this pair will be forced to move forward or end it. It isn't likely that ending things for good is an option. This is television after all; Olivia and Fitz happily together as a couple has always been the end game for this ABC drama.

It was not clear how this pair would get there, though. Now fans will need to keep watching, keep gasping, and hold on to something. Kerry Washington called it the "Scandal roller coaster" in her brief interview with ABC, and fans definitely felt a huge dip on the last episode.

The bomb has gone off, and now comes the fallout. The fallout will not only have an impact on Olivia and Fitz, either. Everyone will feel the shock waves from the blast of Olivia's bomb.

What did you think of Olivia's big confession on Scandal? Were you surprised that she finally admitted to her affair with Fitz? Scandal will continue to air on ABC on Thursday nights.

[Photo courtesy of ABC]