Cure For Nightmares: Father Creates ‘Monster Spray’ To Rid Daughter Of Bad Dreams, Local Pharmacy Assists Dad

Monster Spray

A Canadian father, living in Sooke, British Columbia, was concerned about his daughter’s constant worry about monsters hiding under her bed and nightmares that resulted from her worry. In an attempt to rid her of nightmares and disturbed sleep, the father created a concoction he calls Monster Spray, the cure for nightmares.

The unnamed father was concerned, as any parent would be, when his daughter stressed at night over falling asleep in her room. Claims of monsters under the bed and in her dreams became a growing concern for the young girl. The father decided he had enough of the boogeyman’s taunts and decided to do something about it. The unknown concoction, thought to simply be water or a scented air spray, resides in a green spray bottle. To add authenticity to the nightmare cure, the father took the bottle to the local pharmacy and asked the pharmacist to add a label to make the prescription official.

The pharmacist, Dee Vivian, obliged the father and took a few seconds out of her busy day to create the label and affix it to the spray bottle. The directions were simplistic in design, but enough for the little girl to follow without issue, as shared by the Huffington Post.

“Spray around bedroom at night before bedtime and repeat if needed.”

The label also officially names the prescription “Monster Spray.”

Scary Monster

Dee Vivian loved the idea and enthusiastically shared the experience with the Huffington Post’s Canadian division. She touted that the monster spray works great, but will only work with certain monsters.

“[Those that] come out at bedtime and hide in your closet and under your bed.”

Vivan was proud of the father’s monster spray and ensured she touted its effectiveness to the media, in case any children were paying attention. She claims it is 100 percent effective against monsters that hide under the bed, in the closet, and in a child’s nightmares.

Headline News(HLN) shared that there are some individuals that are questioning the pharmacist’s inclusion in the plot against dream raiding monsters, stating that the pharmacy’s resources could have been better utilized helping someone that was actually ill. However, Vivian assured the media that the entire conversation with the concerned father lasted just a few minutes and the label took seconds to print.

The idea of monster spray is not new or original. In fact, the father took in an image he found online of something similar and asked Dee Vivian if she could do something similar with his bottle.

Monster Spray rids children of nightmares

Redditors quickly ensured the monster spray went viral, showing their support in the comments. Reddit user Psychadelic_Santa shared his experience from his younger years and how he was shown that a similar monster spray worked.

“My pops did this for me when I was little. Except he put some crushed garlic cloves in it. He had me test it out by sneaking up to my older sisters and spraying it. Room cleared fast. Had full confidence in its effectiveness from there on.”

However, some of the commenters were not so supportive and feel that the father should have simply sat down with his daughter and explained that monsters are not real. Reddit user GlobindiunButler was one of those commenters.

“I’m kinda on the fence on how I feel about it. On one hand, it can be a great reassurance, like a blankie, on the other hand, the kid could get depended on it. I feel like saying instead aren’t real and then something like your stuffed animals will protect you from any danger, like only when they hear a noise or watch something scary they weren’t supposed to, not every night, would be healthier. They’ll know the stuffed animal thing isn’t real, and will probably have that idea in there head.”

What are your thoughts regarding the monster spray? Is it harmless, or might it cause more complexity for the child’s fears?

[Photo Courtesy: BuzzFeed / Reddit]