Miley Cyrus SNL Hosting Gig Gets Lukewarm Reviews -- Is She Just Not That Funny? [VIDEO]

Miley Cyrus is becoming known for her hosting gigs but is that a good thing? On Saturday, Miley hosted the Season 41 premiere of Saturday Night Live to mixed reviews. Here's a rundown of some the antics Cyrus got up to in her latest SNL hosting assignment.

Miley Does It Her Way

Miley opened her SNL monologue with a couple self-depreciative jabs at her current crazy pop persona, Gossip Cop reports. She noted that one of the great things about SNL is that it's live, so her parents know exactly where she is for 90 minutes. Miley also made sure to note that she was on a delay, so the censors wouldn't have to be too worried about her cursing.

"When you smoke as much as I do, you're always on a 7-second delay," she quipped.

The big highlight of Miley's opening monologue was a tribute of sorts to the scandals that happened in the past year. Set to the tune of "My Way," Cyrus sang a scathing tune about all of the people we will "never think of" again, including Rachel Dolezal, the dentist who killed Cecil the Lion, Kim Davis, Jared Fogle, Josh Duggar, Pizza Rat, the Meek Mill/Drake Feud, Ariana Grande's donut, and "Lenny Kravitz's junk."

Miley Cyrus And Her Dead Petz

Miley Cyrus was also the SNL musical guest, making this the second time she's done double duty as the host and the live musical performer of the night. Cyrus used the opportunity to debut two of her songs from her new album, Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz. Miley surprise-released the album after her she hosted the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards in August.

After being introduced by SNL's suprise guest, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Miley brought on the Flaming Lips to help her sing "Karen Don't Be Sad" off the Dead Petz album. The Flaming Lips were all dressed in a animal costumes while Miley wore what looked like an elaborate wig that was long enough to cover parts of her body that need to be covered on live TV.

For her second performance, Miley Cyrus performed "The Twinkle Song," an emotional ballad that closes the Dead Petz album. This time, Cyrus placed pictures of her actual "Dead Petz" on her piano as she played along.

As Gossip Cop notes, "Karen Don't be Sad" and "The Twinkle Song" are two of a handful of songs on the Dead Petz album that Miley could sing on live network TV. The other songs have way too many expletives to pass the censors.

Miley On SNL Reviews

Miley Cyrus has now hosted Saturday Night Live a couple times now. She's no veteran, but she has a level of SNL experience that not a lot of other pop stars have had. But the reviews of her performance are still pretty lukewarm.

"Miley Cyrus isn't an especially good SNL host," Dennis Perkins from The AV Club wrote. "Cyrus' performances on SNL partake of the self-promotional energy of her public persona to the extent that she's always herself, a deadening quality in an SNL host."

Erik Voss from Splitsider echoed that opinion of Miley on SNL.

"More often than not, however, we're stuck with a performer who, frankly, has no place on SNL: Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Donald Trump, and now, for a second time, Miley Cyrus."

Miley Cyrus On Tour With Flaming Lips?

After she was done with hosting SNL, Miley Cyrus announced that she would be going on tour with The Flaming Lips to promote the Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz album. Don't expect any huge stadium dates, though. According to Rolling Stone, The Miley Cyrus and Flaming Lips tour will be playing at smaller venues, starting on November 19. The Miley Cyrus Dead Petz tour will stop in Detroit, Washington (D.C.), New York City, Philadelphia, and Boston. Tickets will be available via LiveNation and they go on sale on October 7.

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