Sara Bareilles Finally Explains Meaning Behind 'Love Song,' New Single 'She Used To Be Mine' Already Dominating The Radios

Sara Bareilles has been known for countless ingenious compositions, but Love Song was one of her first singles to propel her into the music charts. Rumors have been going around about Sara Bareilles' "Love Song," and how was it composed, but Sara Bareilles finally broke her silence and clarified, once and for all, the true conception of the single that spent 20 weeks in the Top 10 charts.

Some of Sara Bareilles' recent hits that have inspired and caught the attention of the world, earning Sara countless fans the world over, are "Brave," "Breathe Again," "Gravity," "King of Everything," and more. "Love Song," apart from it being the single that propelled Sara Bareilles into mainstream stardom, has been rumored endlessly to have been composed by Sara as an act of defiance against her label.

Sara Bareilles at the 66th Emmy Awards
Sara Bareilles at the 66th Emmy Awards

This time around, Sara Bareilles speaks up and puts an end to the rumors circulating "Love Song," saying that nobody ever really said that she wrote Love Song as a response to her label asking her to write a long song, which she never wanted to do anyway. Sara Bareilles clarifies through Huffington Post that that story about "Love Song" is only a "distilled version of the truth." Thus, it's neither entirely true nor false.

"People sort of want to hear what they want to hear. It makes for an easy one-liner to be like, 'So the big bad record label wanted you to write love songs and this is you fighting back.' It's not that it's not true, but it wasn't that simple."
Sara Bareilles explains that the real reason behind "Love Song" was a co-writing session that didn't turn out well. It was around the time that she was still new in the industry, she was just starting with her label, and she still wasn't sure what kind of artist she wanted to be and what kind of songs she wanted to be known for so they were playing around with what she can do. A result of these experimentations with Sara Bareilles' label was a co-writing session that didn't quite sit with her. She admits that while none of the collaborations had anything wrong with them, she still wasn't ready to collaborate at that point in her career. She found that it was difficult to be authentic, to be herself, when she was doing everything alongside another artist.

So while "Love Song" was born out of a bad taste in Sara Bareilles' mouth, Sara admits that "Love Song" was, indeed, a love song.

"It was a love song to my craft. It was a love song to my intention, to my heart and soul. I was fighting for the essence of some truth inside of me, which to me is a beautiful love song. It just wasn't a duet between Peter Cetera and Amy Grant. It wasn't going to be the end title in a romantic comedy, at all."
Sara Bareilles has more stories behind more of her songs, and she is ready to share all of these with all the Sara Bareilles fans out there through her book, Sounds Like Me, which will be hitting bookstores on October 6 and is available via Amazon on hardcover, Kindle, and audio CD.

Sara Bareilles' new book coming out this October
Sara Bareilles' new book coming out this October

And if you haven't yet heard, Sara Bareilles just recently officially introduced to the world her new hit single, "She Used To Be Mine," and it's already starting to dominate radios and playlists everywhere, Headline Planet reports. The first single in Sara Bareilles' upcoming album, What's Inside: Songs From Waitress, Sara Bareilles' "She Used To Be Mine" is already picked up by 24 Hot AC stations in the U.S. as of September 28, the most-added song of last week.

Sara Bareilles performing 'She Used To Be Mine' in Waitress musical
Sara Bareilles performing "She Used To Be Mine" in Waitress musical

Get ready to have your heart shattered with another soulful and hard-hitting performance by Sara Bareilles in "She Used To Be Mine" in the video below.

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