Artist Jim Darling Recaptures The Joy Of Flying By Painting Airplane Windows [Gallery]

When it comes to flying as in traveling via airplane, the typical feelings people have about it are usually not positive. Often times, people consider flying as a horrid experience, one they try to avoid as much as they can, especially if all they can afford are the cheapest seats on an airplane, also known as coach. Seats are often small and compact, making people feel like sardines in a can. Everyone can hear everyone else, from the person who snores loudly to the mother who has a crying baby. The food is best described as gelatinous abominations with cheap flavorings. Finally, privacy is pretty much non-existent.

However, one artist wants to recapture the joy of flight, a feeling that was lost once flying no longer felt like a wonderful adventure. He plans to do this by painting dreamlike scenes in airplane windows.

Jim Darling is the artist who plans to take on such an impossible artistic endeavor. Though not much is detailed on his official website, his Instagram shows he is a family man that seems to have a knack for textures and designs. Those are incorporated into his paintings of city and landscape scenes. But one must wonder: how did Darling come up with the artistically innovative concept of painting such scenes in airplane windows? Apparently, it came to him while working on another art concept of "painting characters sitting together in flight" for another art show. While working on it, he realized the advantages of sitting at the window seat for both travel and art, as reported by Huffington Post.

"The size and shape of the window is excellent for blocking out what is behind you. It leaves you with a concentrated view and your thoughts. The views can be choppy yet intertwined, expansive yet detailed. The grand view shrinks things and as a result you feel small and that can be humbling."
Utilizing snapshots Jim Darling took, he started working on his new project. Eventually, he would move on to include screen captures of people he follows on Instagram, too.
"Most of the windows made in the original group were based off photos I had taken. When I decided to revisit the windows I chose to use screen grabs from people I follow [on Instagram] in addition to what I've taken."
Needless to say, the pictures and screen captures Jim Darling took make for some fantastic art pieces within an airplane window. They depict the original content of the pictures taken, but are given the artist's personal touch by being abstracted to Darling's paint style.

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In the end, Jim Darling's paintings are changing the way art lovers are seeing airplane windows. However, they are also changing Darling's own perspective on flying, as it makes him want to travel more. Not only that, if he does travel, Darling is determined to get the window seat.

[Images via Jim Darling's Official Website]