Oregon Shooting Survivor Lacey Scroggins, 18, Says Slain Classmate Saved Her Life

An Oregon shooting survivor, 18-year-old Lacey Scroggins, says that she lived through the horrifying massacre in her classroom at Umpqua Community College due to the actions of victim Treven Anspach. Scroggins says that in his last act on this earth, Anspach covered her in his own blood in a bid to trick the gunman into thinking she was already dead, and it worked. The aspiring surgeon and pastor's daughter says that she owes her life to Anspach, who she knew from her high school.

Victim Treven Anspach
Oregon shooting victim Treven Anspach is being credited with saving the life of fellow classmate Lacey Scroggins. (Image Credit: Facebook)

The Daily Mail reports that Lacey Scroggins was uninjured after a gunman entered her classroom at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, and opened fire. Lacey, daughter of a local pastor, says that she owes her life to her slain classmate, Treven Anspach. Though Lacey is not yet ready to speak in front of the media due to the mental anguish she suffered during the horrifying ordeal, she relayed her story to her father, Pastor Randy Scroggins.

The pastor explains that Lacey recounted the terrifying details surrounding the moments that the gunman entered her classroom and murdered her teacher and eight other students. Lacey, who one day hopes to be a surgeon, claims that the gunman was a student in her class who had just two days earlier been highly engaged in the classroom. She says that he was so engaged and that he asked so many questions that it became slightly annoying. Though police have identified the shooter, who took his own life, the Roseburg community is not mentioning his name in a bid to keep his name from going down in history.

Oregon shooting victims
Police identify the nine Oregon shooting victims during press conference.

Lacey says that initially she was not sure if the shooting was real or if it was some sort of drill. Since she recognized the shooter's face, her first reaction was that it was some sort of drill or classroom exercise. However, she soon realized the severity of the situation when her teacher was shot and lay dead on the floor. After the teacher was killed, Lacey says that the gunman came into the room and told everyone to get on the floor as he shot into the ceiling.

She says the deranged killer first asked specific victims to stand individually. He would then ask them "Are you Christian?" Lacey says if the person responded "yes," she immediately heard a pop and thud sound as the body hit the floor. However, if the person said no, she says she heard the pop and screams of pain as the shooter did not shoot to kill but injure.

The survivor says that the gunman played with the students' emotions as he picked them off one-by-one. She says one student was singled out and told that he would get to live today and that he should give a flash drive from the killer's backpack to police as it would "tell you about today." However, Lacey says the cruel killer shot the student anyway and then asked the next female victim to beg for her life and she wouldn't get shot. The victim begged but was, again, shot anyway.

After the first series of killings, Lacey says the remaining students were told to all move into the center of the room where he began shooting. The survivor says she heard a loud shot next to her, and Anspach fell on top of her. As they lay on the ground, Lacey says Anspach moved closer to her and covered her body. His blood poured out over her body making it appear as though she had been shot. The gunman then ordered that Lacey "get up" but she says she felt "frozen" to the ground and didn't move. As a result, the shooter asked another woman nearby, "Is she dead?" The other woman responded, "I don't know" and the gunman moved on thinking she had already passed away.

Oregon shooting survivor Lacey Scroggins recounts her harrowing tale to her pastor father.
Oregon shooting survivor Lacey Scroggins recounts her harrowing tale to her pastor father. (Image Credit: Facebook via Daily Mail)

Shortly after the ordeal, police stormed the room and the gunman took his own life. Lacey immediately jumped into action using her medical training and made a tourniquet for one of the victims out of her scarf and began providing medical assistance. However, after being escorted out of the room by police, she immediately broke down. Her father says that she is suffering from "survivor's guilt" and "has no doubt" that Treven saved her life with his dying actions.

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