October 20, 2017
Hillary Clinton Impersonates Donald Trump, Introduces Miley Cyrus In 'Weirdest 6 Seconds In History'

"Donald Trump? Isn't he the one that's like 'huhh, you're all losers'?"
The SNL sketch, in which Kate McKinnon plays Hillary Clinton and Hillary herself plays a droll bartender, features an impression of Donald Trump that hit the mark with viewers, poking fun at Trump's arrogance. Clinton co-opts presidential hopeful Trump's swaggering manner and gruff, declarative speaking style when doing her impression, which has already given birth to a host of Vines.

U.S. News and World Report notes that political candidates generally play themselves on SNL, often just doing a cameo. Hillary, however, participated in a whole skit, playing a fully-fleshed out character (a bartender named "Val").

Viewers appeared to enjoy the sketch, with many expressing support for Hillary's presidential campaign and a renewed appreciation for the potential of SNL to offer entertaining political commentary.

SNL regular Kate McKinnon's talent as an impersonator was not ignored either, and Hillary herself took to Twitter to say that "four more years" of them would be reason enough to vote her in as president in 2016,
hillary clinton snl

Not everyone was light-hearted. One fan on twitter wondered why the name of Clinton's competitor for the 2016 democratic ticket, Bernie Sanders, was not mentioned even once in a show rife with political jokes.

The suggestion that Hillary Clinton may have agreed to do SNL on the condition that her opponent not be mentioned prompted a variety of responses, with some agreeing and others dismissing the suspiciously-spirited statement. Hillary herself has suggested she sees SNL as a laugh and a good time -- not as a campaign platform -- even telling media "I love the impersonations of me."
Hillary Clinton

Also performing on SNL was Miley Cyrus, who wore a characteristically extravagant costume, which included a headpiece that overflowed with masses of pastel-colored dredlocks and crafty paraphernalia.

Hillary Clinton herself introduced Cyrus's vocal performance, standing stiffly in a presidential suit and intoning the singer's name before gesturing to the stage with her arm. The camera then panned to Cyrus on stage in her elaborate gear, which one person compared to "something I pulled out of my vacuum filter."

Another tweeter called the intro, which captured the contrast between the stoic style of Clinton and the pop-kitsch persona of Miley Cyrus, "the weirdest 6 seconds in history."
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