Creators Of Addictive Angry Birds Plan New Game

By now everyone with a smart phone or other supported device has played Angry Birds.

The creators of the game, Rovio, have poured their heart and soul into tons of new levels and improvements to the original game, as well as marketing other products and media related to the Angry Bird’s franchise.

While the company could probably continue updating the addictive app ad infinitive, it seems their next game will not involve America’s favorite flying fighters or their nemesis pigs.

According to an interview Ville Heijari, Rovio’s vice president of franchise development, gave to CNN, the game is galled Amazing Alex and it is a rebranding of a previously released game Rovio acquired the rights to.

“It’s called Amazing Alex,” Heijari told CNN. “It has this character who builds these chain reactions, like Rube Goldberg machines. It’s based on a really acclaimed game that released last year. We purchased the property. We really like the game. It was really successful, but it never got a big audience. So we acquired the property and we did some re-branding to make it, from our point of view, more universally appealing in a global perspective. Now we’re really excited to bring it again to the market. It was highly praised but it never got the audience it deserved. With the sort of audience we have for Angry Birds, we’ll see what we can do.”

The website AppPicker reports that Amazing Alex is based off a previous game called Casey’s Contraptions and claims that Rovio hopes to have the game in the App Store in just a couple of months.

The new project is a puzzle game, and shares at least a spirit with it’s Rovio predecessor Angry Birds and could be just as big of a hit.

More than 200 million people play Angry Birds every month, and with that kind of success from Rovio, it’s not hard to envision Amazing Alex being the next big thing.