Kim Kardashian, Like Madonna, Said To Be 'Guest From Hell' On 'The Ellen Degeneres Show'

There is another possibly false Kim Kardashian rumor alert and the source of this, once again, is from RadarOnline, who claims Kardashian's diva antics almost gave Ellen DeGeneres a nervous breakdown.

"But when the pregnant mom and her 2-year-old daughter from rapper Kanye West went to tape an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier this week, a source close to production for the talk show tells that Kardashian was so over-the-top, 'Ellen herself was surprised!'"
According to a
According to a "source," Kim and Kanye's daughter North West was misbehaving backstage at the Ellen DeGeneres Show. [Photo by Raymond Hall (GC Images) for Getty Images]RadarOnline's "source" claims that not only was Kardashian very late for the show, but she also brought along 20 other people with her. The source even accused Kardashian of being fake and claimed that her daughter, North West, was misbehaving.

Unfortunately for RadarOnline, Gossip Cop has once again put the breaks on their story, which appears to be -- once again -- completely fabricated.

"But Gossip Cop has exclusively learned this version of events is completely untrue. Kardashian was NOT late at all, and while she did bring a hair stylist and makeup artist, as well as a nanny for North, there was nowhere near '20 people' with her."
A representative for Kim Kardashian sums up the site's claims as a "bunch of garbage." RadarOnline had a similar story about Madonna when she appeared on Ellen's show in March. The site did the same exact "click-through" story to generate page hits.

According to a "source," Madonna, like Kardashian, was very rude. They also claimed Madonna brought a huge entourage with her. Allegedly, Madonna requested a whole bunch of her own trailers with her own makeup people. RadarOnline claimed that Madonna demanded that the script be changed to suit her liking.

According to RadarOnline, Madonna also had a huge and annoying entourage when she appeared on Ellen's show.
According to RadarOnline, Madonna also had a huge and annoying entourage when she appeared on Ellen's show.

Unlike Kim Kardashian's team, Madonna's people never took the time to deny the story. However, judging by how similar both the stories are, RadarOnline could just have a regular tabloid click-through template that their writers use to defame people who appear on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

This is not the first major tabloid story that Kim Kardashian has been involved in this week. A couple days ago, Gossip Cop detailed a story from the print edition of Life & Style.

"According to Life & Style, West has left his wife, who's carrying their second child, a son. The tabloid alleges Kardashian is 'tired of her husband's selfish, controlling ways,' and when she 'threatened to move out of their home,' West kicked her out," Gossip Cop explained.

The site said that Life & Style used a so-called "source" who said Kanye absolutely dumped Kim, who is "devastated" and the happy couple is now headed for divorce. They not only debunk the rumor with true sources close to Kardashian and West, but also note it's not the first time they had to expose the lies written about their relationship.

"Of course, this is not the first time Kardashian has been 'pregnant and dumped.' Gossip Cop busted the very same tabloid exactly one year ago when it made the same claim. In fact, we've corrected that magazine and its sister publication In Touch numerous times when they both have wrongly reported Kardashian was pregnant and dumped."
Kim Kardashian probably produces more page hits than any other celebrity in the world right now, so websites love to talk about her, even if the information is completely made up. Kardashian could sue for libel, but probably realizes that even bad publicity is good publicity for her brand.

[Feature photo by Raymond Hall (GC Images) for Getty Images]