Kourtney Kardashian: Scott Disick’s New Relationship Is ‘Embarrassing,’ Shows His Insecurity

Watch out, Scott Disick. Kourtney Kardashian has an opinion about her ex-boyfriend’s rumored new girlfriend, and it isn’t exactly friendly.

Scott Disick has reportedly moved on from his relationship with the eldest Kardashian in a surprising way. Disick is said to be dating 18-year-old model Lindsay Vrckovnik, and according to Hollywood Life, Kourtney thinks the entire rumored relationship is ridiculous.

“When Kourtney saw how old Lindsay was, she just laughed. She thinks it’s embarrassing he’s hanging out with such a young girl and shows just how insecure he is.”

Disick, 32, is 14-years older than the new girl he’s been partying with.

The self-described “lord” was first seen with Lindsay in New York City on Wednesday evening, according to TMZ. Lindsay, who is from Ontario, is studying at Parsons in Manhattan, according to Hollywood Life.

Scott and Lindsay were spotted at The Trump Soho, 1Oak, and eventually the Soho House, where they reportedly stayed until 6 a.m. According to reports, the pair previously met while partying in Los Angeles. Photos were later taken of the pair at the beach in Miami.

Regardless of how Disick and Vrckovnik met, one thing is obvious: Kourtney thinks Scott is trying to show off. At least, that’s what a source told Hollywood Life.

“She thinks Scott believes he looks cool dating a young model, which is a bit of a cliché for a wealthy man approaching their mid-thirties. It’s a move Kourtney thinks he’s making to show off to his Hollywood pals because they can’t have too much to talk about given their age difference.”

In a separate report from the news outlet, a source went on to say that Kourtney is happy that Scott has moved on — and that, should the relationship continue, Lindsay may be in for a wild ride if she’s dating the Kardashian ex.

“As far as Scott’s new relationship with Lindsay is concerned, Kourtney’s message to her is ‘You’re welcome to him.’ She knows full well that Scott isn’t the easiest to have a relationship with and thinks Lindsay will have a roller coaster ride with her new man.”

It seems as if the tide has finally turned where Kourtney and Scott are concerned. For months after their breakup, rumors circulated that Kardashian and Disick could get back together, but it appears that Kourtney is finally through with Scott. Earlier this summer, Scott was even seen waiting in line to get into Kourtney’s gated community after Kourtney took him off the guest list. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star even reportedly said she believes her ex-beau needs professional help.

It isn’t exactly surprising that there would has been some back and forth for Kourtney when it comes to a reconciliation with Disick. After all, the two do have three children together, and Kourtney spent nearly 10 tumultuous years dating Scott.Kourtney Kardashian responds to Scott Disick's new girlfriend

The couple broke up in July after Scott was seen cozying up to his ex-girlfriend, Chloe Bartoli, in France. A messy breakup followed, and since then Scott has been associated with a slew of women, including socialite Kimberly Stewart, model Makayla Yarbrough, and now Vrckovnik.

What do you think of Scott Disick’s new rumored relationship? Do you think he and Lindsay Vrckovnik make a good couple?

Find out more about Scott Disick’s new alleged relationship with Lindsay Vrckovnik in the video below:

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