WWE News: WWE Wanting Hardy Boyz Back Now More Than Ever Due To Dudley Boyz Success

When the Dudley Boyz returned the night after WWE SummerSlam on WWE RAW, business picked up big time in the tag-team division. They came out to show up The New Day and have done this often since their return. Sadly, they have yet to capture the WWE Tag Team Titles. It was rumored recently that the WWE wanted them to win the titles soon, and they very well could have at the Madison Square Garden Event that was live on the WWE Network Saturday night.

New Day ended up going over and Xavier Woods was put through yet another table. It is speculated that WWE will make a match for The Dudley Boyz to face The New Day at WWE Hell in a Cell in a couple weeks in a tables match for the WWE Tag Team Championships.

Due to the success of The Dudley Boyz, there is some speculation that WWE might be interested in bringing back yet another legendary duo. According to Daily Wrestling News, WWE is now wanting The Hardy Boyz back even more than they did before. Management reportedly sees them as a valuable addition. Since fans are getting so over The Dudleys, they know Matt and Jeff Hardy will.

Both Matt and Jeff Hardy are known for their tag team work together, but they both have experienced a ton of singles success. In WWE, Jeff Hardy won three World Titles and numerous other singles championships. Matt Hardy won a several titles as well during his time with WWE.

Both Hardy brothers become free agents in February 2016. It looks like WWE will be targeting both men when their deals with TNA Wrestling are up. That means we very well could see the Hardy Boyz back with WWE potentially at the WWE RAW after WrestleMania 32. From there, it is pretty obvious that WWE will set up matches with The Dudley Boyz among others.

This might change though, considering Jeff Hardy reportedly has a torn PCL, which will end up costing him some time in the ring. He very well may never work another match with TNA, because there is a strong chance he won't be able to work on his leg in a full match. He claims to be doing rehab for the injury over surgery, which would cut down recovery time. If he were to have surgery after tonight's TNA Bound for Glory, Hardy will end up missing months of action in the ring.

Surgery is often a recommended option for PCL injuries. If rehab isn't working after a couple of weeks, there is a very low chance that he will continue his work with TNA, as doctors will recommend surgery. There are four grades of the PCL injury and it is assumed that Hardy's injury is a one or two simply because he isn't doing surgery immediately, which is considered the "conservative treatment" for such an injury.

If the surgery goes through, four to six months is the expected recovery time for the injury as of now. They can do an arthroscopic surgery, which will help recovery but won't reduce it drastically. Hardy very well could recover through rehab, but again, doctors will likely advise against rehab after the next number of weeks. He has to show progress or the rehab is useless. There is an 84% chance a person involved in a sport returns back to their sport with no problem, so the science is on Hardy's side as far as recovery goes for either rehab or surgery.

While WWE does want them both, it all depends on Jeff Hardy when it comes to their return. WWE will want to wait until the both of them can work. So that could mean that WWE won't bring them in for a little while longer. This of course all depends on if surgery is needed for Jeff or not.

[Photo courtesy of TNA Impact Wrestling via Twitter]