NFL Expert Picks Week 4: Updated NFL Picks From ESPN Revealed

NFL expert picks for week 4 have been updated by One of the interesting week 4 NFL picks has the ESPN experts going with the New York Jets over the Miami Dolphins early Sunday morning, October 4. releases weekly predictions from experts with the network, but it took a while for the analysts to submit all of the their week 4 picks. Now a better view of the predictions can be made, with several very intriguing selections of underdog teams.

For the Thursday night game on October 1, seven of the analysts picked the Pittsburgh Steelers to win. It took an overtime period, but the Baltimore Ravens pulled off a huge upset on the road. It became the first win of the season for the Ravens, improving the team to 1-3 after a very rough start. As for the Steelers, it showed that the team could have struggles with Michael Vick as the starting quarterback. He will remain behind center for a week 5 game against the San Diego Chargers.

There are still a few unanimous predictions from the games this week, showing it could be another one-sided day of football on October 4. The week 4 NFL expert picks from ESPN have the Carolina Panthers over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Atlanta Falcons over the Houston Texans, the Cincinnati Bengals over the Kansas City Chiefs, the San Diego Chargers over the Cleveland Browns, the Green Bay Packers over the San Francisco 49ers, and the Arizona Cardinals over the St. Louis Rams.

Chicago Bears v Seattle Seahawks

On Monday night football, for the October 5 game, the ESPN experts are siding unanimously with the Seattle Seahawks. Despite the team starting out the season 1-2 and possibly missing Marshawn Lynch, the Seahawks have been picked unanimously by these analysts for the first time this year. It could start a trend of predictions in favor of the Seahawks, especially with a lot of games coming up at CenturyLink Field.

In the other decisions from early games on Sunday, the ESPN analysts are split on which team is projected to win. They have selected the Buffalo Bills to beat the New York Giants, the Indianapolis Colts to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Philadelphia Eagles to beat the Washington Redskins, and the Oakland Raiders to beat the Chicago Bears. KC Joyner (30-18) had originally predicted that the Jaguars would win, but has changed his pick. Adam Caplan (26-22) remains the only analyst siding with the Jaguars over the Colts.

Two analysts (Mike Golic and Chris Mortensen) have selected the Bears over the Raiders. They also predict the Redskins will beat the Eagles. To this point, both analysts are 27-21 in their predictions, so it’s possible that this is a way to gain some ground in the standings.

There is an early Sunday game that takes place in London, as the Miami Dolphins “host” the New York Jets. The analysts are pretty split on this game, but favor the Jets by a slight margin. Game time is at 6:30 a.m. PT/9:30 a.m. ET for the die-hard football fans to enjoy.

In the Sunday night game, it is the New Orleans Saints hosting the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys are favored to win by the analysts, with Mike Ditka making his familiar prediction that the Saints will win this one. It follows a Minnesota Vikings vs. Denver Broncos game, where just one analyst (Merril Hoge, 29-19) is favoring the Vikings.

Denver Broncos v Detroit Lions

Through the first three weeks of the 2015 NFL season, two of the ESPN analysts are leading the way in predictions. Keith Jackson and Keyshawn Johnson each have posted records of 33-15 in the game predictions. Within the week 4 NFL expert picks from ESPN, Jackson got the Baltimore pick correct, while Jackson selected wrong. Both analysts have the same picks for the remaining 14 games on the schedule.

[Image Sources: Mark Davis And Doug Pensinger / Getty Images]