'Castle' Season 8 Spoilers Tease What's Next After Beckett's Shocking Move

Castle fans were shocked at the end of the last episode, and now they are receiving a new, inside scoop on what's next for Beckett and Castle.

At the end of the two-part Castle Season 8 premiere, Beckett decided to end things with Castle after his step-mom warned her about having him involved in her current case. This was not a move fans saw coming.

Back in June, an Inquisitr report teased the potential of a major break-up on one of the series to premiere this season. Castle was tossed around as a possibility, but when X-Files spoilers teased that Mulder and Scully would be split up when the series returned, most Castle fans thought their favorite couple was safe.

That is not the case.

The move to split Castle and Beckett to kick off Castle Season 8 has received a lot of criticism. Alexi Hawley defended the split to TV Line after the episode aired.

"Here's what we're hoping, that the audience sticks around long enough to see next week and realize that this is just the beginning. We're using this to actually put the spark back in, and the stakes back in, which give us the fun and the juice… Obviously there's some heartbreak in it as well, but it makes it much more emotionally impactful every week, because there are stakes now."
Is this move the way the new showrunners are avoiding the Moonlighting syndrome? Once that series coupled up the main characters, the series lost its spark and fans lost interest. Some fans spoke about the possibility of that happening with Castle when the characters finally hooked up, and this split does change things drastically.TV Line did share some more Castle spoilers on Thursday that do offer a bright side for fans. The spoilers tease that it will get better.
"As dire as things might appear for Rick, Kate and their marriage, you should find more than a little solace in the fact that Episode 7 — airing Nov. 16, during the heart of sweeps — is titled 'Mr. & Mrs. Castle.' 'It's going to be a great episode,' co-showrunner Terence Paul Winter told Matt Mitovich. 'For the fans who right now are going, 'What the heck [are] Terence and Alexi [Hawley] doing?!,' when they see that episode they'll understand and see what we're going for.'"
On the next episode, Castle will have his hands full with his daughter's more grown-up behavior. She is featured in some of the photos for the next episode, and it is clear that Alexis is all grown-up. The photos for Castle Season 8 Episode 3, shared by Spoiler TV, also show a Castle and Beckett moment.This week's episode will focus on the murder of a college frat boy. A sneak peek for the episode released by ABC shows two members of Beckett's team trying to go undercover to get information from their prime suspect in the murder. They fail miserably, but Castle is already on the case. He plans to use his own skills to get information from the suspect.

Castle has definitely taken fans into new territory with the split of Castle and Beckett on the premiere. Could this move by the new men in charge backfire in the long run?

Fans will need to keep tuning in to find out how Alexi Hawley and Terrence Paul Winter plan to fix things for Castle and Beckett. The November 16 episode mentioned in the spoilers does offer fans hope though.

What do you think? Were you surprised by the Castle and Beckett split? Season 8 of Castle will continue to air on Monday nights on ABC.

[Photo courtesy of ABC]