Segway Dance Cover Of Justin Bieber’s ‘What Do You Mean’ Doesn’t Have Any Segways But Nobody Cares [Video]

It doesn’t matter if you’re a “belieber” or you’ve never heard a Justin Bieber song in your life, you have to see this bizarre, mesmerizing segway dance set to Bieber’s Hot 100 number one hit song “What Do You Mean?”

The man responsible for the video is choreographer David Moore, who refers to his work as “the world’s first premium conceptual Segway dance YouTube video.”

Whatever that’s supposed to mean, Moore seems to know his stuff, as Time reports that he has done choreography for the likes of Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, Pharrell, and other artists.

In his “worlds first premium conceptual Segway dance,” Moore put together a group of talented young dancers who demonstrate remarkable coordination both on and off their Segways.

If you’ve watched the video by now, you probably have a lot of questions. Why did Moore do this? How did these guys pull this off without falling? And more importantly, why aren’t they actually on Segways?

segway dance cover

While Moore bills his work as a “conceptual Segway dance,” the boards used by the dancers in the video aren’t actually Segways any more than store brand tissue paper is Kleenex.

The so-called Segways in the video are actually Chinese-built two-wheeled scooter board things that are sold under a dozen different names in the United States.

As previously reported by Inquisitr, Justin Bieber actually helped popularize the handlebar-less Segway knockoffs seen in Moore’s dance cover last May, when the singer posted a short clip to his Instagram.

The board seen in Bieber’s Instagram video was an IO Hawk, but devices sold by Highflyerscooters, Phunkee Duck, Renegade Movement, and others all look suspiciously similar.

Bieber’s Instagram video showed off his ability to turn in a circle and nearly smash his head into the camera, but other celebrities proved more skillful.

In a display only slightly less impressive than Moore’s “What Do You Mean” conceptual Segway dance, Chris Brown posted an Instagram video of his own.

Could Chris Brown’s smooth moves on the Segway knockoff have inspired Moore? That could be where the “premium” part of Moore’s description of his work comes in. While Brown “dances” in time to music, the short Instagram clip has nothing on Moore’s “What Do You Mean” dance cover.

This isn’t the first time someone choreographed a dance routine on a knockoff Segway, though. Last year, OK Go used a set of Honda UNI-CUBs in the production of the video for their song “I Won’t Let You Down.”

OK Go’s moves aren’t quite as impressive as the dancers Moore put together for the “What Do You Mean” dance cover, in part because the UNI-CUB doesn’t require its rider to actually stand up, but credit where credit is due.

In the behind-the-scenes featurette that accompanies the video, we see that not only were the dancers on Segways, but Moore also filmed from one. What looks like it must have involved a lot of complicated dolly work or a Steadicam was actually Moore on his own Segway.

“Instead of using a Steadicam, because with a Steadicam I’d have to be way up here, I wanted to be shooting at a lower angle. And I want to keep it kind of shaky to give it a little raw effect, like you’re there in person watching them. So I’m going to go no Steadicam. But that’s by choice.”

what do you mean segway dance

The “What Do You Mean” dance cover may not have used any actual Segways, but it’s probably just as well that it didn’t. Just as OK Go’s UNI-CUB video was less remarkable than this one, substituting actual Segways for the handle-free boards in Moore’s video probably would have ruined his impressive choreography.

[Screengrabs via YouTube]