Lance Bass Teases About An NSYNC Reunion, Never Intended For A Hiatus

Since the boy band NSYNC went on a hiatus back in 2002, fans have eagerly anticipated a reunion of the pop group. Recently, Lance Bass, one of the band’s five group members, was posed the question about a reunion. Instead of flat out denying or confirming, Bass uttered a bit of a teaser response that did not rule out the possibility of the fabulous five hitting the stage once more.

5/25/99. Los Angeles, CA. Boy Band ''N-Sync'' arrive at the 5th Annual Blockbuster Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles. Picture by DAN CALLISTER Online USA INc.

Bang notes Bass’ explanation and that it all depends on each member really getting in the “mood” for a reunion tour.

”I mean, who knows? We’re all brothers and we will be brothers the rest of our lives. It just depends on if we all get in the mood. You go through something like that, you’re family. ‘We love each other like brothers, we hate each other like brothers, every emotion comes out with your family members. It’s great. I love that they’re gonna be in my life the rest of my life. It’s so funny to see everyone grown up now – Justin having a kid! It’s so crazy cause I still look at them as teenagers. We still have not grown up.”

Interestingly enough, Bass also informed Entertainment Weekly that the boy band really never intended to take a permanent hiatus. The plan was really always to do another album. Clearly it hasn’t happened, nor is it in the works.

“We totally thought we were gonna do another album. Plans start changing in everyone’s lives.”

Lance then went on to point out that it was mainly due to Justin Timberlake’s incredible success as a solo artist that the hiatus occurred.

”Justin’s career was just taking off. He had no idea that it was gonna be a success like that, no one did. It just wouldn’t stop, so it just didn’t make sense for us to do another album as long as he was doing so well. As you can tell, he hasn’t stopped yet. There was no room for an *NSYNC album.”

Bass thinks fondly of his days spent with the four other members of NSYNC and shares that it was a life-changing move that took him from 16-year-old everyday student and clean-cut American with a dream, to superstar-status. Lance got the call from Justin to head down to Orlando and to try how the four voices meshed together, without any real idea as to how much success and popularity lay ahead for the group. At the time, youngster Bass was most excited about possibly getting to go to Disney World while practicing with the others.

NSYNC at MTV Video Music Awards 2000 held at Radio City Music Hall September 7, 2000 Photo by Nick Elgar/Getty Images

Additionally, Lance relays how initially the group was more of an a cappella unit. It wasn’t until a few practices and weeks went by that music and dance steps began to be incorporated. Lance relayed to EW how quickly the whole process moved along.

“When we first started rehearsing, we didn’t really have much music. We were definitely more of an a cappella band. Then the guys were like, ‘Hey, we’re going to dance rehearsals,’ and I had no idea that the guys wanted to dance as a group. I was not a dancer at all. They had to teach me how to dance and we had a show in three weeks. I’d just met the guys and we’re gonna have our first concert? It was very nerve-wracking. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.”

Fans of the long-ago boy band certainly are happy that Lance got himself into it all, as NSYNC entertained screaming fans for years and definitely put on some stellar performances back in the day, involving some entirely innovative dance moves and original-sounding tracks. A reunion would certainly be a welcomed occurrence for their millions of fans.

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