‘Sister Wives’ Spoilers: Robyn Gets in Middle of Kody and Christine’s Drama

Things are really going to heat up on Sister Wives this week between Kody and Christine Brown. Last week on Sister Wives they headed to Galveston, Texas to work on their marriage, but it wasn’t enough. These two are still having problems and this week on Sister Wives, Robyn Brown gets right in the middle of their issues. Sometimes another wife stepping in is a good thing and others, it is really bad, so viewers will just have to wait and see how this turns out for them. Robyn stepping in looks like it could be a good thing for this Sister Wives couple though. They need all the help they can get right now.

During last week’s Sister Wives, they tried to build a rock sculpture of something that was about their relationship. Kody Brown makes everything about the family and not the individual wife. when Christine was thinking about it, she wanted this about just her relationship with Kody and not all of the sister wives, but he just couldn’t see it that way. Finally Christine just gave in and let him do it with the entire family and not the way she wanted. His had all of the kids and sister wives on it.

Kody and Christine’s trip on Sister Wives last week was for their anniversary, but it was also all about fixing their marriage. None of the children or sister wives went along, but that didn’t mean that they were alone with each other. The Sister Wives couple actually took along their marriage counselor to help them out. She was able to watch how Christine and Kody interact with each other and give them a few pointers.

'Sister Wives'

This week on Sister Wives, they will all head to a pirate festival. This Sister Wives episode is called “Just Trying to Stay Afloat.” The preview shows Christine and Kody arguing with each other a bit and Robyn Brown gets in the middle of their argument telling them that is enough. Of course, nobody likes to see the family not getting along and arguing with each other.

Sister Wives is all about the Brown family and their life as sister wives and a polygamist family. Robyn Brown did join the family later on and there have been a few learning curves getting used to having another sister wife, but they are figuring it all out.

Sister Wives

Christine Brown actually went to her Twitter account and makes it sound like things are getting better. Don’t expect to see Christine leaving Sister Wives any time soon because she is focusing on working her marriage with Kody out.


That is not all that Christine Brown of Sister Wives had to say though. Honestly, being sister wives is hard, but Robyn Brown has found a way into her heart. It doesn’t sound like this week’s Sister Wives is going to be that bad because Christine doesn’t mind her stepping in once in a while.


Do not miss this new episode of Sister Wives when it airs on Sunday, October 4. Sister Wives airs on TLC on Sunday nights. Do you think that Kody Brown and Christine Brown can make it through their problems? This Sister Wives couple has been together for quite some time and hopefully they can make it through everything. Sound off on your comments and thoughts about Sister Wives on TLC.

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