David Schwimmer On The Small Screen Again: Ross Geller Reprised In New UK Sitcom

David Schwimmer was world famous as Ross Geller on the hit TV show Friends; yet, unfortunately after the show ended, it was David Schwimmer who most sank into oblivion.

It’s a pity that Friends fans weren’t asked to predict which of the six main actors would move on to further success in their post Friends career, and which would fade into the ether. Had people been asked, it would be interesting to know what the consensus would be on the future of David Schwimmer. Surely, no one would have predicted that he would play mediocre roles in a few critically panned films and then not be heard of for years with the exception of his directing roles.

But any drought has to end some time, and the acting drought has finally ended for David Schwimmer. The BBC has announced that David Schwimmer will not just feature in, but will star in a new comedy series on Channel 4.

Called Morning Has Broken, David Schwimmer’s small-screen starring role follows a United States TV producer who has been brought in to save a failing British breakfast TV show.

According to the BBC, Morning Has Broken is a six-part series set to air in 2016. The series has been written by Nick Mohammed and Julia Davis, both of whom also feature as actors.

David Schwimmer has spoken out in praise for new writers and co-stars.

“I’ve been a massive fan of Julia’s for years, and I’m thrilled to be able to finally work with her and Nick on this fantastic comedy.”

Julia Davis is perhaps best known outside of the U.K. for her role as Nancy in Love Actually.

As the AV Club reported, this is not the first time that David Schwimmer has worked in the United Kingdom. He played a directing role in Simon Pegg’s Run, Fatboy, Run, and has dabbled in voice acting and regular acting in the UK and US. He is perhaps best known since Friends days as the voice of Mellman the giraffe in the Madagascar series.

However, he hasn’t tried his hand at a sitcom since Friends, and it will be interesting to see how David Schwimmer goes about playing a character in a sitcom that isn’t Ross Geller.

The Guardian ran an interesting piece on David Schwimmer’s decade-long role as Ross Geller, in which they praised the American actor for having the courage to play such an “everybody” role.

“It takes talent to embody a character who’s most like the rest of us – or more accurately, a character who embodies all of our biggest fears.”

As they mentioned, Ross Geller lacked a shtick; he didn’t have Chandler’s humour, Monica’s OCD, Rachel’s style, Phoebe’s free-naturedness, nor Joey’s way with women. These differences were even joked about as part of the series, with it being well known that Ross’s only characteristic was that he had been divorced three times.

We can’t wait to see David Schwimmer’s new venture. It’s been too long since our TV screens have seen Ross Geller in action, and with more than a decade of experience post-Friends, David Schwimmer can only be better, funnier, and more fantastic overall in his new role.

[Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images]