Ally Walker Thinks ‘Longmire’ Will Get Season 5

When Longmire came out on Netflix, fans rushed to watch the show right away. With only 10 episodes, most hardcore fans have likely already seen the entire season of Longmire. Ally Walker joined the show for Season 4 as Dr. Donna Sue Monahan and now Ally is speaking up about Longmire, saying she honestly feels like it will be back for Season 5.

Christian Today shared that Ally is speaking out and this actress doesn’t feel like her story is done. The chemistry between Donna and Sheriff Walt Longmire is so amazing that viewers want to see where it will go. It would be great to see Walt Longmire find love once again after the loss of his wife.

Ally Walker

Ally Walker believes that Longmire will have a fifth season. That isn’t the only thing that she is saying about Longmire, though. Of course she could have some inside information from Longmire, but she can’t leak all the information yet. Ally spoke out and revealed that she would love to come back again.

“I think there is a possibility that I’m going back, and if you watch it, there’s a really interesting little cliffhanger that you’ll see at the end of this year. So I’m pretty sure I’m going back, and we’ll see what happens.”

Longmire has actually already been canceled once. A&E canceled Longmire after three seasons, but luckily Netflix picked it up for a fourth season, which just came out last month. Fans of this show are pushing and doing all that they can to get Longmire to come back again. Netflix is still not sharing if Longmire will be back for Season 5 or not. The ratings are still coming in for Longmire. Ally Walker’s recent interview gave fans a lot a lot of hope that the show will be back again.

The ending of Season 4 of Longmire left fans with a few cliffhangers. Netflix did not make it look like a finale of Longmire and it does look like they are at least hopeful it will end up getting renewed. If they don’t tie up these loose ends, Longmire fans will not be happy. If the show is canceled again, though, it will likely be the permanent end of Longmire. It isn’t very likely there will be another network that will picking up a show that has been canceled twice. Netflix’s renewal is the best case scenario for Longmire and hopefully what will end up happening.

Robert Taylor

The fans of Longmire will not be giving up on getting this show back for Season 5. Longmire Posse on Facebook is pushing hard for a renewal. They even have a huge event planned for October 7 to tweet and share all about the show. They are hoping to get the attention of Netflix as they send out tweets, photos and more talking about Longmire and how much they want the show to return again. They are also sharing all kinds of information about the show and working on building up the fan base for Longmire by getting new likes every single day.

Are you hopeful that Longmire will come back for Season 5? So far, things are looking great for Longmire and the fans are very hopeful that it will return, again. Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts about this Netflix hit. Don’t forget to join the Longmire Posse for their event on Wednesday October 7 to help show Netflix how much you want to see the show to return.

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