‘Supernatural’ Season 11 Spoilers Tease More Than Darkness Ahead For Sam And Dean

Supernatural will return for Season 11 later this week. New spoilers about the challenges Sam and Dean will face during the upcoming season have been released, and they will have more than the darkness they unleashed at the end of Supernatural Season 10 to deal with.

A previous Inquisitr report teased fans about the darkness with a look at an extended sneak peek for the upcoming Supernatural Season 11, but Sam and Dean will have more “witchy” issues problems as well. TV Line teased more about those issues in their latest spoiler report.

“Dean (and Sam) will have more than just The Darkness to contend with in Season 11. According to EP Jeremy Carver, witchy Rowena will remain ‘very much a problem’ for the Winchesters. Now that she’s got some major magical mojo, ‘We’ll be seeing her in the early parts of the season deciding what she wants to do with this newfound power, and you’ll see what kind of success she has with that,’ he adds. ‘What makes her an enjoyable character is for all of her power, she’s still ruled by a certain amount of hubris.'”

Fans saw Rowena during the Supernatural Season 10 finale. She worked with Sam on a spell that would remove the Mark of Cain from Dean; however, she decided to run off with her newly found power instead. Rowena will have to deal with her son, Crowley, on the upcoming season, as well. He is not at all happy with her.

Dean and Sam, played by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, have dealt with evil witches before. It is safe to say they have dealt with every kind of supernatural being during the last 10 seasons of the series. However, they do manage to keep the fans interested and tuning in week after week.

A new sneak peek for the Supernatural Season 11 premiere, titled “Out of the Darkness, Into The Fire” has also been released, according to Blastr. The first sneak peek for the episode showed the darkness unleashed, and leaving Sam and Dean behind.

This new Supernatural Season 11 premiere clip shows Sam and Dean coming across a gruesome scene on the road. They stop their car when they find a group of dead bodies on the road. This is the first scene of evil from the darkness.

One of the victims will come back to life, but another person is alive on the scene. A police officer will shoot the man coming toward Dean and Sam, but she will not treat them nicely at first. She wants to know that Sam and Dean are not “one of them.” Once she has her proof, she will relax.

Sam and Dean have not always seen eye to eye, but fans will see the Winchester brothers get along this season, according to Jared Padalecki. The Christian Post shared some teasers from the actor in a recent report. Seeing some positive interaction between the two brothers will be nice. They cannot be at odds all of the time.

Supernatural has managed to keep the series fresh over the last 10 seasons. Even though the series has bounced from time slot to time slot multiple times during its run, fans loyally keep tuning in.

What do you think? Are you excited for the return of Supernatural this week? Will the Winchesters run out of luck with Supernatural Season 11? The series will return to The CW on October 7.

[Photo courtesy of The CW]