‘Triumph Awards’ 2015 Hosted By Tichina Arnold, With Appearances By Tyrese Gibson, TI, Soledad O’Brien, John Legend, And Wanda Sykes, Tonight On TV One

The Triumph Awards 2015 is an inspirational new awards show that is set to debut tonight on the TV One network. Put together by the distinguished Reverend Al Sharpton and the National Action Network (NAN), along with TV One, this marks the first year that the Triumph Awards will be aired on television, and TV One viewers anticipate many more years to come. Filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, on September 12, the show will be hosted by one of America’s funniest young ladies, Tichina Arnold. Tonight’s airing will take place at 8/7 central on TV One. Janaye Ingram, exec director of the National Action Network (NAN), had this to say about the upcoming show, according to TV By The Numbers.

“The premiere of the Triumph Awards on TV One is set to captivate audiences. There is a history of music being part of the movement and the fight for equity. Through our show, people will experience the power of musical artistry as a message medium while it is interwoven with the triumphant stories of the luminaries who will be honored.”

Triumph Awards 2015 (photo credit: Nan/Facebook)

The all-star event will include performances by Tyrese Gibson, Estelle, Ledisi, Jazmine Sullivan, and Tasha Cobb—with Robert Glasper leading the orchestra. Exepect appearances by Soledad O’Brien, Nichole Beharie, Afemo Omilami, Big Freedia, Syleena Johnson, Patrik-Ian Polk, Richard Lawson, and Mayor Kasim Reed.

The Triumph Awards seeks to recognize game changers, leaders, and celebrities who have made the greatest positive influences on the community. It also gives thanks to those who have been so generous in their philanthropic contributions. Some of those to be honored tonight includes: Tyrese Gibson, who will also be performing, singer John Legend, Rev. Joseph Echols Lowery, actress and comedienne Wanda Sykes, and Rosalind Hudnell of Intel.

Tichina Arnold at the Nan Triumph Awards (Photo credit: Sweet Candor TV/YouTube)

TV One viewers will most likely hear references to the Black Lives Matter movement, since many leaders, celebrities, and fans in attendance have become a vocal part of that movement. Rapper and entertainer TI, who is also known to make substantial philanthropic contributions, will give a speech—which will include comments on the tragic case of Sandra Bland.

Sandra Bland was a 28-year old African-American woman who was found dead in a Texas jail in July of this year. Her death was ultimately ruled a suicide, though many believe her death was the result of a larger conspiracy. The Sandra Bland death case was at the heart of the #blacklivesmatter movement, since many believe that her family did not receive justice. The case was also heavily criticized because the general feeling was that Sandra Bland should have never been followed or arrested prior to her death. According to Hot New Hip Hop, TI’s moving speech includes the following words.

“United we stand
Because we created a hashtag for Sandra Bland
Jumped off the front of the ship and dove into the Internet waves
Swimming with DMs, likes, and comments
Not noticing how much that it makes us slaves
Chained by a man-made device small enough to fit into the palm of our hand
Guess that’s what’s made it easy to swipe to the left and scroll to the next
And forget about Sandra Bland”

TV One remains one of the best in black entertainment and programming. The channel, which was created in 2004, sought to tell the stories of black people in a way that was unique and different from current competitors, such as Black Entertainment Television (BET). Located in Silver Springs, Maryland, TV One has seen much success with original shows like— Hollywood Divas and Unsung. TV One has also enjoyed high ratings with crime documentary shows that highlight the tragedies that are affecting black Americans all over the nation, such as Fatal Attraction and For My Man.

[Photo Credit: Facebook]