Gary Oldman, Alexandra Edenborough Divorce: ‘Harry Potter’ Actor’s 4th Wife Gets $3.3 Million As Gary Slams Kardashians

Gary Oldman and Alexandra Edenborough divorce.

Gary Oldman and Alexandra Edenborough, who ranks as wife number four, were married for six years. And now Gary and his spouse have finalized their split. Oldman ranks as the movie world’s highest-grossing actor in history, reported Us Weekly.

Alexandra and her ex completed the divorce at the end of September. For Edenborough, the divorce approval from Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Maren Nelson means saying farewell to basking in the spotlight cast by Gary. Oldman has soared to acting fame with movies that include RoboCop, JFK, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and The Dark Knight Trilogy.

But Alexandra won’t be penniless. Edenborough will receive $3.3 million from Gary, in addition to luxury belongings such as autos and mansions. Oldman gets to retain two of the houses as well as some cars.

Alexandra tied the knot with her then-true love in 2008. Edenborough and Gary broke up this last summer and then she made the decision to go through formal divorce proceedings last January. As to why Oldman couldn’t make his marriage with his songwriter fourth wife work for more than six years, the actor revealed prior to the split that he was hoping that he could make it last.

“I’ve probably learnt something from the first three. Practice makes perfect. Isn’t that what they say? I’m not proud that this is my fourth marriage. But this is a good one. Hopefully, my last one.”

A nice hope, but now that he’s finalized his divorce with his fourth wife, the outcome remains unknown.

Gary Oldman and Alexandra Edenborough divorce.

Gary’s first marriage was to Lesley Manville, and their son, Alfie, is now 26. After that, Oldman wed Uma Thurman, followed by third wife Donya Fiorentino, which resulted in two more sons. Gulliver is now 18, and Charlie is 16.

And while Oldman isn’t thrilled about all the divorces, he does feel proud about his sons.

“Being a single dad has been the most challenging thing I’ve ever done….I look at those boys and how really great they are, and they are my greatest accomplishment. That gives me a sense of, you know, I’ve got something right. I take great joy and peace from that,” added Gary.

Oldman revealed that the fact that he’s the highest-grossing actor in film history surprises people, reported the Independent.

But with the Dark Knight triology and Harry Potter parade of movies to his credit, Gary feels that the range of characters he’s portrayed is unique.

“People can’t believe I’m the biggest-grossing actor in cinema history. I don’t think there’s anyone who can even catch up with me because they’d have to be in all those things,” pointed out Oldman.

One of Gary’s favorite roles is playing a bionic scientist in RoboCop. He contrasts the science role with his actual knowledge of technology.

Gary Oldman splits with Alexandra Edenborough.

“This guy is very smart, pioneering technology for amputees and veterans whereas I’m from the analog generation. I have an iPhone but if anything goes wrong with it, I give it to my kids. They can figure something out in seconds that I would take weeks to understand – and if I figure it out sooner, its usually just by accident,” joked Oldman.

Reflecting on man-versus-machine, Gary expressed his concern about the age the age of the cell phone.

“Have you noticed how when you stop at a light and look across at the other drivers, everyone’s head is down. Who the f*** are we talking to? What can’t wait?” asked Oldman.

But Gary really dislikes reality TV.

“Reality TV…is the museum of social decay,” opined the actor.

And he truly detests the Kardashians, a family that Gary regards as the worst offenders on reality TV.

“My dog has more dignity than those f***ers. Really,” slammed Oldman.

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