Did Jim Carrey's Girlfriend Kill Herself Using His Prescription Drugs?

The suicide of Cathriona White, Jim Carrey's former girlfriend, has now gotten the attention of law enforcement as the three bottles White used to kill herself all allegedly belonged to Carrey and were prescribed to him in one of his known aliases.

Complicating things according to Us Magazine, is White's relationship to the Church of Scientology, where she had recently undergone "purification" says White's close friends.

"She would also be sitting in a sauna for up to six hours a day, detoxifying herself and taking Niacin," he tells Us. "This is all a cleansing detoxifying practice."

Scientology expert Tony Ortega told Us that White was unsure she was making progress through the draining purification exercises.

"Cathriona was in the process of the Survival Rundown, which can be hundreds of hours of training that leads to a person become present and aware. This is one of the initial parts of Scientology, but everyone in the church is being required to do them over again. I've heard from her friends that she was stalling, because she wasn't sure she was making progress or not."
TMZ broke the story that law enforcement is now investigating how Carrey's drugs got into the hands of his former girlfriend.
"We're told Cathriona White had prescriptions for Ambien (sleep aid), Percocet (painkiller), and Propranolol (blood pressure/heart) next to the bed where she OD'd. All 3 meds were prescribed by the same doctor. Law enforcement tells us they've confirmed the prescription was written for Jim Carrey using an alias. Fact is, lots of celebs use aliases for prescriptions for privacy reasons. One source tells us a witness has said there's reason to believe Cathriona may have taken the meds from Jim's house, but that hasn't been confirmed."
Five of White's friends found her after she had sent them messages that she was distraught after Carrey had unexpectedly broken up with her on September 24. Her suicide note was addressed to Carrey.
The Daily Mail is reporting that White, a 30 year old make-up artist, was originally from Ireland, and had been seeing Carrey, 53, on and off. Recently, White posted photos of herself receiving an intravenous drip of vitamins B and C, and the antioxidant glutathione, which according to the Church of Scientology, will help protect you from depression, which ran in White's family.

Expert Tony Ortega said that though Scientology did not cause White's suicide, it was the worst place for someone suffering a mental health crisis.

"However, if you are depressed, Scientology is just about the worst place to be because they constantly drill it into people that psychiatry is not real and therapists are fakes. Scientology is well-known for its insistence that psychiatry and antidepressants should be avoided at all costs, teaching that the brain is only a shell that holds alien spirits which can be released only by religion."
White's body has been released to her family who flew to California in order to take her back to Cappawhite, a small village in County Tipperary in Ireland. Jim Carrey is doing everything her can to assist law enforcement and White's family. Officials at the Church of Scientology are also being questioned about events that proceeded White's suicide.

Do you think Scientology had anything to do with Jim Carrey's girlfriend's suicide?

[Photo courtesy of Ben A. Pruchnie / Getty Images Entertainment]