Officer Mike Flowers: Meet The Man Who Has Never Taken A Sick Day In 35 Years

Officer Mike Flowers, a captain in charge of overseeing the Tuscaloosa Police Department’s east precinct and tactical team, has decided to retire after 35 years on the job, having never taken a single sick day.

According to the Associated Press, reported via MSN, a 2013 study by PwC (previously PricewaterhouseCoopers) found the average worker takes about five sick days a year. However, Mike Flowers is one of the few exceptions to this statistic. Never once did he call in for a stomach ache or the flu. He never hit the snooze button on the alarm clock so he could stay in bed all day. No, Mike Flowers showed up day in and day out, ready to do his job, and with that dedication, he was promoted time and time again.

Flowers credits his strong sense of self-discipline to the way he was raised by his parents as a child. He had an impeccable attendance record in school as well. Other than when he had a bout of measles, he never missed a day.

“My mother always made me get up and go to school. Other than having the measles in the first grade I didn’t miss any school days, either,” said Flowers.

Flowers joined the Tuscaloosa Police Department on October 4, 1980. Four years later, he was serving as a motorcycle officer for the department when he had a pretty serious motorcycle wreck that left his arm in a splint. While most employees would have taken off a few days to recover, Mike went back to work immediately riding his motorcycle with his splint.

Officer Mike Flowers: Meet The Man Who Has Never Taken A Sick Day In 35 Years
Officer Mike Flowers retires from the Tuscaloosa Police Department after 35 years.

“I had a motorcycle wreck one time where I had to have my… my arm in a splint for about a week. But back in the ’80s you were allowed to come to work with a splint on your arm. So I came to work and I rode my motorcycle with a splint on my arm,” Flowers said.

Flowers said his latest close call with having to call in sick happened about five years ago when his gall bladder ruptured the day before his son’s wedding. He had to have emergency surgery, and even missed his son’s wedding day. However, he made sure he was able to go back to work, even if that meant being placed on light duty.

“I had to have emergency surgery. So I missed his wedding but I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss any work,” he said. “Fortunately our police department has a light duty policy and I was able to come back to work.”

Officer Mike Flowers’ last day on the job was on Friday, September 2. While he said he will miss all of his friends and co-workers at the department, he is ready to retire, especially due to the increasing dangers officers are facing each day.

Officer Mike Flowers: Meet The Man Who Has Never Taken A Sick Day In 35 Years
Officer Mike Flowers retires from the Tuscaloosa Police Department after 35 years.

“One of the things I can say about this job is that I enjoy doing this or I wouldn’t have done it for 35 years,” he said.

The Tuscaloosa Police Department issued a statement regarding Officer Mike Flowers’ retirement on their official Facebook page on Tuesday, September 29, saying that he would be “sincerely missed” by all at the department.

“Captain Michael A. Flowers began his career at the Tuscaloosa Police Department on October 4th 1980. During his time at the department he worked as a patrol officer and a motors officer. Captain Flowers got promoted to Sergeant on 10/3/1992, Lieutenant on 6/19/1998, and Captain on 3/19/2005. He is currently the Commander of the Tuscaloosa Police Departments East Precinct as well as the commander of the TPD’s Special Response Team.”

“During Captain Flowers 35 years with the Tuscaloosa Police Departmenthe never called in sick a single day. We believe this shows his dedication to the police department and the City of Tuscaloosa. Captain Flowers will be sincerely missed when he retires on October 3, 2015.”

So, what will Mike do with all of his new found free time? He said he plans on buying a boat and spending more time on Alabama’s Gulf Coast.

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