Hope Solo To Face Charges In 2014 Domestic Violence Incident Involving Nephew And Sister

Hope Solo will face charges regarding a 2014 domestic violence incident after all. According to MSN, Solo had gotten into a physical altercation with her half-sister and nephew, who was a minor at the time in June of 2014. Solo seemed to catch a lucky break in January when the case was dismissed due to “procedural grounds.” However, an appeals court reversed that decision and cleared the path for charges against Solo to be re-filed.

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Solo’s attorney, Todd Maybrown, expressed Hope’s dismay over the revelation, “We are shocked and disappointed by the judge’s ruling this morning. However, we maintain our position that the charges in this case should have never been filed, that the original trial court’s dismissal of the case was correct, and we plan to file an appeal of today’s decision with the Court of Appeals.”

Hope’s half-sister Teresa Obert has declined to comment on the reinstatement of charges against Solo, but in June, Obert had plenty to say after Solo appeared on the Today show and attempted to shift the blame to her nephew. Hope Solo’s claim that she was the victim in the incident left her sister feeling as though their relationship was irrevocably broken and she went public with her story in an effort to rebuke Solo’s claims against her son.

According to ESPN, Obert, stated she returned home from an evening out with other family members late on the night of June 20, 2014 to find Hope Solo parked in front of her house while drinking wine. Obert stated to police that Solo had called to say she had been fighting with her husband, former NFLer Jerramy Stevens, and she was coming over. Obert and her son coaxed Solo into the house where the sisters shared a few more drinks together. Solo’s nephew deposed that Hope continually hurled insults at him during her visit. Shortly before 1 a.m., the teenager began to trade verbal insults with Hope which resulted in Teresa asking Solo to leave. Solo reportedly followed her nephew into the garage where the verbal altercation escalated and both Obert and his mother state Hope began swinging fists at the teenager. When Obert intervened, Solo turned her rage toward her sister.

Police documents indicate that Hope Solo’s night of fury did not end there. Upon being arrested for two domestic violence charges at Obert’s house, Solo became belligerent with officers and jail staff, at one point even having to be subdued inside the jail. Hope has continued to maintain that her nephew was the instigator.

It’s been a rough week for Hope who watched the National Women’s Soccer League Championship literally slip through her fingers in a tough 1-0 loss to FC Kansas City Thursday night. Solo, whose performance in the World Cup this past summer helped lift the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team to World Cup victory, is a two-time Golden Glove recipient, leading many to consider her to be the best women’s goalkeeper in the world.

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While Solo has experienced moderate success on the soccer field, Hope has struggled in her personal life recently. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, along with the domestic violence incident involving her half-sister and nephew, Solo and her husband found themselves in trouble shortly after those charges were dismissed when Stevens was arrested for DUI while driving the USWNT van. Solo’s belligerent behavior with police officers at that scene resulted in a 30-day suspension from the USWNT leaving some to wonder if the star goalkeeper’s personal life has become counterproductive to her professional one. With Hope facing possible jail time, many are wondering if Solo’s time with the USWNT should come to an end as the team prepares for the 2016 summer Olympics.

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