Where Is Rainn Peterson? Missing Toddler Sought In Ohio

Authorities in Ohio are looking for 2-year-old Rainn Peterson. The North Bloomfield tot was reported missing by her grandparents at around 7:30 p.m. on Friday night, and has not yet been found after several hours of searching. WKBN News 27 reports that the Trumbull County child was last seen at her grandparents’ home before seemingly “wandering off,” to parts unknown.

So far, searches for the 2-year-old missing girl have involved a helicopter with thermal-imaging cameras, two fire departments, and police officers with a dog team. However, the search for her thus far has turned out completely unsuccessful. This has only enhanced the urgency in finding her.

Fox 28 News reports that the FBI has now joined the search for missing tot Rainn Peterson, which is indicative of a possible kidnapping in her mysterious disappearance. Her loved ones believe she wandered away from her home when nobody was watching her, but dogs and thermal-imaging tools have not been successful in tracing her whereabouts, or even finding where she may have been when she “wandered away” from her grandparents’ home.

Rainn stands at around three-feet-tall and weighs approximately 24 lbs. She is described as a white child with brown hair and brown eyes. Photos of the little girl indicate that her hair is a lighter dishwater shade of brownish-blonde, with short-cut bangs and shoulder length naturally wavy hair. She was last seen wearing a long-sleeved purple shirt with gray pants and pink and green shoes.

Authorities with the Trumbull County Sheriff’s Department have confirmed that they are checking with area sex offenders to determine whether or not any of them have anything to do with Rainn Peterson’s disappearance. Meanwhile, new details about the child’s home life are being reported by media sources. The child reportedly lives at home with her grandparents and three other children. The child’s mother Brandii Peterson does not live at the residence.

Home Facts shares that there are approximately 216 registered sex offenders in Trumbull County, Ohio. Many of these RSOs have been convicted of sexual crimes against children and some of them are violent sexual offenders. It should be noted that authorities have not announced any connections between any of these sex offenders and the disappearance of Rainn Peterson.

WFMJ News (an NBC affiliate) reports that polygraph tests are being administered in the disappearance of the Ohio toddler. The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, along with the FBI, are reportedly on the scene of the child’s disappearance, where polygraph tests are being conducted on the family members of Rainn Peterson. Meanwhile, authorities have limited Saturday’s searches for the child to ground efforts, since rainy weather is hindering the ability to use helicopters. Bloodhounds are also being used, but no reports are confirming whether or not her scent has been found or tracked.

Sheriff Tom Altiere has told media reporters that there is no current need for volunteer searches, because authorities do not want there to be a chance of contamination in the area. Too many feet on the ground could disturb any potential of finding evidence. Meanwhile, the sheriff has confirmed that there are no known signs of violence in this disappearance. Nonetheless, the fact that little Rainn has not yet been found is a concern to law enforcement, and the community from where she vanished.

If you know anything about the disappearance of Rainn Peterson, or if you have any information pertaining to a possible sighting or evidence, please do not hesitate to contact the authorities in Trumbull County.

[Photo: Courtesy of Trumbull County Sheriff’s Dept/Family of Rainn Peterson]