Harry Styles Cougar Fetish Mentioned In New One Direction Song, Harry Talks Post-1D Career [Video]

Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan recently recorded a new song, and its tune will definitely sound familiar to One Direction fans. However, its words are like nothing Directioners have heard in previous 1D hits.

Harry Styles and his bandmates poked a little fun at themselves while recording a very special rendition of “What Makes You Beautiful” for Capital FM. Radio hosts Dave Berry and Lisa Snowdon convinced One Direction to sing some silly new lyrics to the tune of their hit song, and it included lines about Harry’s habits of falling for older women and falling down during concerts.

“Harry does fall a lot on stage,” Liam Payne sang. “And he likes women of a certain age.” This line prompted Harry to give his bandmate a look that clearly said, “You didn’t just go there.”

As most One Direction fans know, Harry Styles’ admiration of older women is well-documented. According to the Mirror, he dated Caroline Flack back during 1D’s fetus days. Caroline was 32 and Harry was 17 during their scandalous fling. Harry was later linked to married 32-year-old DJ Lucy Horobin.

Harry Styles dated Caroline Flack in 2011 (Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)

Luckily for Harry, the new “What Makes You Beautiful” lyrics weren’t all about him. Louis Tomlinson sang about Zayn Malik leaving the band, Niall Horan mentioned the time he fell down while caddying for golf pro Rory McIlroy, and the entire band sang about Louis forgetting the lyrics to their songs. You can check out a video of the group’s parody of their own song below.

Harry Styles also mentions the band’s upcoming break in the video above, and this will probably make a lot of Directioners sad. However, 1D fans might get the opportunity to meet Harry next year if they’re willing to listen to his sales pitch about how tiny cottages are cozy and cute, not cramped and claustrophobic. According to Yahoo! Celebrity UK, Harry told Beats 1 Radio that he’s going to pursue his dream of becoming a real estate agent during One Direction’s time off. Harry talked a bit about his strategy for selling diminutive dwellings to Directioners.

“I like the little ones (houses) because then you throw in ‘it’s romantic,’ which means it’s tiny, while ‘it’s cute’ means it has a window.”

There’s probably a Directioner fan fic out there somewhere that begins with Harry being a Mary Sue’s real estate agent, and it ends with her falling in love with the house and the man selling it to her.

While Harry wants to sell houses, Niall Horan said that he’s planning on “raving it up” as a DJ. He also claimed that he wants to be the first bleach blonde James Bond, but most One Direction watchers seem to believe that Harry Styles is the member of the group who is most likely to start a successful acting career during the band’s break next year. The Daily Star has claimed that Mick Jagger wants Harry to appear in Vinyl, the new HBO series he’s producing. The show is about “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll in 70s New York,” and Martin Scorsese is directing it. There are also rumors that Harry might play the love interest of Absolutely Fabulous character Patsy Stone, a promiscuous bad girl who just happens to be a much older woman.

Harry hasn’t done much acting yet, but he has (sort of) appeared in an extremely successful movie that wasn’t the One Direction concert movie This Is Us. According to Digital Spy, Inside Out​ director Pete Docter recently revealed that Harry Styles was the model for Riley’s imaginary boyfriend in the popular Pixar movie. Joy replicates the boy who is willing to die for Riley, and she creates a floppy-haired tower that helps her and Sadness make it back to headquarters.

The rise of the Harry Styles clones in 'Inside Out' (Image credit: Pixar via Twitter)

Docter said that his daughter is a huge fan of One Direction, and it’s pretty obvious that Harry’s look inspired the minor Inside Out character.

What do you think Harry Styles should do during One Direction’s break? Would he make a better actor or real estate agent?

[Featured tmage credit: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty]