Suicide In Kim’s Room? The Untold Story Of Kardashian Houseguest O.J. Simpson

Did Kardashian houseguest O.J. Simpson contemplate suicide in Kim’s room? On June 15, 1994, as the police sought him for questioning about the gruesome murder of his wife three days earlier, Simpson was hiding out in the home of his friend and defense attorney Robert Kardashian in Los Angeles, California.

While looking in on his daughter Kim’s room, Kardashian allegedly found Simpson with a gun, looking at photos of his children and late wife Nicole Brown. Simpson had also tape-recorded himself expressing what sounded like suicidal thoughts.

Author Lawrence Schiller revealed to ABC News’ 20/20 that Kardashian gave him an account of the incident. Schiller had this taped revelation to share.

“Then O.J. said, ‘I’m going to kill myself in this room,’ and I said, ‘You can’t.’ I said, ‘This is my daughter’s bedroom. My little girl Kim sleeps here. I can’t have my little girl in this bedroom, and every time I come in here, I’m going to see your body lying in this. You can’t do that.'”

Schiller, who had full access to defense team evidence during Simpson’s trial, also brought up O.J.’s contemplated suicide in Kim’s room.

“Oh boy. I don’t know how I ended up here. Please remember me as ‘The Juice’. Please remember me as a good guy. Don’t remember me as one of the negatives that might end up here. Please, please, please, please leave my kids at peace. I love everybody.”

From the Kardashian home, Simpson escaped in a white Ford Bronco with his friend Al Cowlings at the wheel. A few hours later, the fugitives were on live television for the world to see.

At around 6:20 p.m. that day, the first sighting of Simpson in his Bronco driven by Cowlings was reported by an Orange County motorist to police. At 6:45 p.m., a police cruiser, with sirens screaming, closed in on the Bronco going north on Interstate 405, but Cowlings yelled a warning about Simpson holding a gun to his own head in the back seat. The cruiser fell back, tailing the Bronco at 35 miles per hour, and about 20 other police vehicles joined the chase. The arrest occurred at around 8 p.m. at Simpson’s Brentwood home with helicopters hovering above, wielding television cameras.

Police authorities revealed that a search of the Bronco netted them “$8,000 in cash, a loaded.357 Magnum, a passport, and a fake goatee and moustache”.

Was O.J. Simpson going to commit suicide in Kim’s childhood room at the Kardashian residence? Robert Kardashian apparently thought so, and interfered. Twenty-one years after O.J. Simpson was tried and acquitted for the murder of his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, voice evidence lingers from the case.

According to the New York Times, Robert Kardashian questioned O.J. Simpson’s innocence in an ABC interview in 1996. The lawyer’s words revealed his misgivings.

“I have doubts. The blood evidence is the biggest thorn in my side, that causes me the greatest problems. So I struggle with the blood evidence.”

Robert Kardashian, a lawyer who valued his friendship with O. J. Simpson, passed away in his Los Angeles home at the age of 59 on September 30, 2003. He died just eight weeks after being told he had cancer of the esophagus, according to ex-wife Kris Jenner, then married to the Olympic champion Bruce Jenner (before his transition to Caitlyn Jenner in May 2015).

The Simpsons were once Kardashian family friends, to a point that Kim Kardashian called them Uncle O.J. and Aunt Nicole. But when O.J. Simpson was arrested and charged with the murder of his wife Nicole Brown Simpson, the whole affair became just another episode in the ongoing Kardashian narrative.

DidThe Juiceattempt suicide in Kim’s room? A puzzlement for followers of the Kardashians.

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