Emily Blunt Talks About Cheating Rumors And About Her ‘Sicario’ Shame

Emily Blunt was invited to be a guest on Howard Stern’s radio show and perhaps Ms. Blunt wasn’t quite familiar with Stern’s reputation here in the United States, because the British actress was obviously uncomfortable throughout much of the interview. In fact, Howard showed no mercy, placing Emily in the hot seat with a number of sex-related questions.

Emily Blunt Still Speaks Kindly of Michael Buble

Emily Blunt and Michael Buble in February 2007. Photo by Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images

First on Stern’s list of topics was the rumored infidelities of Blunt’s former beau, Michael Buble. Emily and Michael parted ways in 2008, as those cheating rumors reached their peak, though Ms. Blunt was still reluctant to either confirm or deny those rumors. Emily acknowledged that it was a complicated situation and that she has never stopped loving his family, which may be why the Sicario actress was cagey about admitting to any wrongdoing. Ms. Blunt also said that she’d had a good time while dating Micheal Buble, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Stern pressed Emily to reveal the truth of the situation, but Ms. Blunt still avoided implicating Buble in anything unsavory.

“I never want to talk about it,” Emily said of the relationship. “I can’t do it.”

Michael, on the other hand, has been more forthcoming about his past mistakes, including those related to ex Emily Blunt. Earlier this year, Michael was a guest on eTalk, a Canadian entertainment talk show, and Mr. Buble came clean about his own self-destructive behavior.

“I was a jerk and I was careless and reckless with the hearts of women I was with.”

Ms. Blunt might have thought she’d gotten off light and that she could coast through the rest of the interview. Not so. In fact, Stern had some even more personal questions with which to interrogate Ms. Blunt. Howard wanted to know if any actor had ever become aroused while performing love scenes with the Sicario actress.

One memory instantly came to mind for Emily and, although Ms. Blunt is far too classy to name names, she did reveal that the actor in question is not a famous actor.

“I think the reaction was, we were filming and they shouted, ‘Cut,’ and I went, ‘Oop!’ and he went, ‘Oop! Sorry.’ And that was it… We laughed about it, because I don’t want him to be embarrassed. I think that would be unfair if I was like, ‘Oh my God!'”

The Sicario Nude Scene That Might Have Embarrassed Emily Blunt

Kate Macer (Emily Blunt) showers the blood away after a day at work. Image courtesy of Lionsgate.

Howard moved on to yet another uncomfortable topic for Blunt, though, by this point in the interview, Emily had become just slightly more accustomed to the deeply personal inquiries. This time, Stern wanted to know if Emily had done any nude scenes in Sicario, reports US Weekly.

Trying to remain vague, Ms. Blunt admitted that the original Sicario script did call for nude scenes, but that “we didn’t agree with it.”

“Who’s we,” asks Stern.

“My t–s,” Blunt replied. “[They said], ‘We’re not doing it.'” Emily then explained that her Sicario co-star Benicio del Toro backed her up. “It was a scene between he and I,” she noted. “He’s like my brother now. Honestly! He is… please, he is.”

Ms. Blunt then commented on a nearly nude scene she had performed with Tom Hanks in which she had appeared wearing only her underwear. Emily commented that the scene was uncomfortable for Hanks and that Tom’s friends remarked at how disturbing the finished scene seemed.

For Ms. Blunt, herself, the Sicario actress finds sex scenes to be very much like a visit to the doctor’s office.

“I find it so… clinical. The whole thing and technical that I never got excited,” Emily Blunt stated.

[Featured image: Emily Blunt courtesy of Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]