Burger King’s Halloween Whopper With Black Bun Will Turn Your Poop Green — Black Food Coloring And A1 Sauce Ingredients

Burger King’s Halloween Whopper with a black bun is called “deliciously dark” by Burger King. Indeed, the Halloween Whopper with the jet black buns definitely looks curious enough for even so-called “clean eaters” to eventually want to give it a try, if not for the giggles that might ensue upon witnessing the green poop it produces, reports Mass Live. Writer Nick O’Malley admitted that eating the Halloween Whopper with a black bun full of sesame seeds wasn’t the biggest thrill for him, even with the steak sauce that Burger King makes sound so yummy in their description of the Whopper with the ink black bun.


Introducing the A.1.® Halloween WHOPPER® Sandwich with A.1.® flavor baked into the black bun. The sandwich is a ¼ lb.* of savory flame-grilled beef topped with melted American cheese, ripe tomatoes, crisp iceberg lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, A.1.® Thick and Hearty Sauce, crunchy pickles, and sliced white onions on a soft sesame seed bun with A.1.®flavor baked into the bun. Visit our full menu to view nutrition information.

It was the Google suggestions that Nick discovered upon researching the Halloween Whopper that gave him pause. A curious term called “Halloween Whopper green poop” joined the normal Halloween Whopper searches, from those looking for reviews of the black bun Whopper from Burger King. Nick explained that since there’s no such thing as black food coloring dye — in and of itself, presumably, since black food coloring dye is for sale online — Burger King must’ve had to add a ton of green dye to their Halloween Whopper bun to make it so black. Instructions for making black food coloring online definitely contain green dye.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 8.34.14 PM

Also curious is that neither Google nor Bing offer suggestions of “green poop” when typing in the Halloween Whopper phrase. Either way, the Burger King Halloween Whopper review, such as one from Mass Live. The Republican, mention the black buns, but also the bad steak. After all, the Halloween Burger King Whopper likely won’t rival some of the best steak burgers one can create. However, the fact that Burger King is releasing the Halloween Whopper stateside — similar to that famous Black Whopper in Japan from a year or two ago that folks in the U.S. could only salivate over — makes for a curious lunch outing.

Sure, Burger King’s black bun on their Halloween Whopper is due to the A1 sauce baked into the bun, reports KCCI 8 Des Moines. However, Burger King only says that A1 sauce is baked into the bun on their website, and doesn’t claim the black bun comes directly from the A1 sauce itself. On Burger King’s detailed nutritional information PDF, they reveal that the black bun ingredients come from food color that’s okay with the FDA.

* The flavoring and food colorings used to color the HA.1.®LOWEEN WHOPPER® black bun in the US, are commonly used in the industry and within the safe and Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Burger King’s Halloween Whopper is likely using some sort of dye to turn their Whopper’s buns a signature black color, because A1 sauce usually doesn’t make for green poop. Indeed, a search for “black food coloring green poop” turns up plenty of results from people claiming that purple or black food coloring will make poop turn a bright color.


No matter what color it turns a person’s poop or how the Burger King Halloween Whopper tastes, it is certainly causing buzz due to its creativity.

[Image via Burger King]