Jaden Smith’s Girlfriend Mocks Legal Drama, Wears Mugshot T-Shirt

Despite being hit with one charge of grand larceny, Jaden Smith’s girlfriend, Sarah Snyder, is making light of her legal drama by delighting social media with a photo of her sporting a T-shirt with her own mugshot.

Nineteen-year-old Snyder posted the photo on Instagram, along with the caption “56 nights,” referencing a mixtape by rapper Future inspired by DJ Esco getting sentenced to jail for 56 days for possessing marijuana in Dubai, ET reports.

Some of her followers referred to the pic as “thug life,” while others went into panic mode — believing Sarah wore the shirt to court on Wednesday. Her lawyer, Robert Schuster, told Page Six that numerous reports regarding her court attire are not true.

“Contrary to some reports, Ms. [Sarah] Snyder did not wear a T-shirt with her mugshot on it to court,” Schuster detailed in a statement. “That was apparently donned and subsequently published later that evening. I believe Ms. Snyder’s artistic expression represents her own existentialist beliefs relative to the situation she finds herself in and is not inappropriate given her position on these unfounded charges. I do not advise my clients to forgo availing themselves of their First Amendment privileges, particularly if they are consistent with a firm defense position.”

Synder was arrested in June and charged with one count of grand larceny in the third degree for allegedly entering a high-end boutique in Katonah, New York, back in February and swiping a $15,999 Hermès purse. After a months-long investigation, police deemed Snyder a suspect and she was arrested in Manhattan while at the home of a friend. Her lawyer claims she was “erroneously charged.”

“Despite months of speculation to the contrary, my client, Ms. Sarah Snyder is erroneously charged in this matter. It is asserted that Ms. Snyder was not in the State of New York at the time this incident allegedly occurred,” Schuster said. “We are confident that the truth will come to light and that Ms. Snyder will be exonerated.”

Seventeen-year-old Jaden has been linked to Snyder since May, and aside from his ex-girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, attempting to “warn” Jaden about Sarah, little is known about her. Smith and his lady friend certainly weren’t shy about flaunting their new relationship during New York Fashion Week last month. They were all about the PDA at the Gypsy Sport show, an act that upgraded her social status from “mystery girl” to “Jaden’s girl.”

Jaden is an actor/musician best known for his starring role in the remake of The Karate Kid, and as the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, and singer Willow Smith is his younger sister. Smith made his acting debut alongside his father in the 2006 film The Pursuit of Happyness. He subsequently starred in The Day the Earth Stood Still and he co-starred with his father once again in After Earth. Back in 2008 there were rumors that Jaden and Willow would star in the dramatic film Amulet. It was recently announced that he will reprise his role in the sequel to The Karate Kid.

During an interview with actor Tyler James Williams, (The Walking Dead, Everybody Hates Chris), he revealed that Jaden is slated to play superhero Static Shock. The casting news came at Comic Con this summer when Tyler noted that “there aren’t many young, black comic book superheroes.” When he’s interrupted by people shouting Static Shock and Spider-Man, Tyler said with a sly smile, “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” and immediately followed with, “It’s great to see Static Shock is happening with Jaden.”

Jaden Smith is currently filming The Get Down. IMDB reports that the music drama is about “a rag tag group of teenagers [running] wild in the streets of the Bronx in the late 70s.”

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