'UFC 192: Cormier Vs. Gustafsson' Pay-Per-View Results -- Updated LIVE!

Today, October 3, 2015, UFC will present UFC 192: Cormier vs. Gustafsson, only through pay-per-view. The event will take place at the Toyota Center located in Houston, Texas. For those who are unable to attend the fight live, once again it is a pay-per-view, and will cost an average of $50 in standard definition, $10 more for high-definition.

Both Daniel Cormier and Alexander Gustafsson answered questions during the UFC 192 Media Day.
Both Daniel Cormier and Alexander Gustafsson answered questions during the UFC 192 Media Day.

Fortunately, those who cannot afford the pay-per-view are given some luxuries at a smaller price. Starting at 6:30 p.m./3:30 p.m. ET/PT, the early preliminary card can be viewed through the UFC Fight Pass. One hour and a half later, the preliminary card can be viewed through Fox Sports 1. Take note that the UFC 192 main card is when the light heavyweight championship title fight takes place. Until then, here are some past articles from the Inquisitr that assist in the build-up for this fight.

  • Highly-hyped MMA prospect Sage Northcutt will make his MMA debut in UFC in the Early Preliminaries.
  • Julianna Peña feels "empowered" as she takes on her very first contender in the Top 10 of the women's bantamweight division when she fights Jessica Eye.
  • The welterweight fight between Johny Hendricks and Tyron Woodley has been scrapped due to "Bigg Rigg" suffering weight-cut issues.
  • As a result of Johny Hendricks dropping out, the number one contendership for the UFC welterweight championship was promised to Tyron Woodley.
It should be noted that Daniel Cormier's upcoming fight against Alexander Gustafsson is officially his first title defense since winning the belt by defeating Anthony Johnson back at UFC 187: Johnson vs. Cormier. It should also be noted the fight was for a vacated title previously held by Jon Jones, who was stripped of it for his hit-and-run. Though"The Mauler" is a challenge for "DC," it is apparent that he will never truly feel like he deserves the championship until he beats "Bones."

The results of the main fight card will be shown below as they become available. This is a live-updating article so for those who are unable to watch the pay-per-view, you can use this article as a means to find out the latest results. Please note that due to online limitations, only the overall result shall be posted live with a fight synopsis detailed after the pay-per-view. Since preliminary matches are fairly easy to watch — either on UFC Fight Pass or television — they will not be included.

Main Card (Pay-Per-View – 10 p.m./7 p.m. ET/PT)

Jessica "Evil" Eye vs. "The Venezuelan Vixen" Julianna Peña – Eye (USA) is 11-3-0 and ranked number six. Peña is 7-2-0 and ranked number 12. They are fighting in the Women's Bantamweight Division.

SYNOPSIS: This fight went from coast-to-coast, which was expected among MMA fans. What was not expected was Eye taking on Peña in her own game of grappling. Though it was not the best grappling performance by any female fighter, it was such an improvement for Eye who almost locked in a couple of triangle chokes. However, Peña proved she was a better grappler as she was able to escape with ease. Not just that, Peña also locked in both a rear-naked choke and guillotine on Eye on two separate occasions. Kudos to Eye for not tapping out.

RESULTS: Julianna Peña defeats Jessica Eye via Unanimous Decision.

Joseph Benavidez vs. Ali "Puncher" Bagautinov – Benavidez (USA) is 22-4-0 and ranked number 1. Bagautinov (Russia) is 13-3-0 and ranked number 14. They are fighting in the Flyweight Division.

SYNOPSIS: This fight went from coast-to-coast too. Unlike the previous fight however, the majority of it was stand-up striking and boxing. Most of the exciting parts happened in the first round. Bagautinov hurt his hand and Benavidez got cut above his eye. Benavidez however connected with some very interesting strikes especially his right jab and hooks. All in all, Benavidez just had way too many skills and tricks for Bagautinov though the latter did a fine job sticking in the fight.

RESULTS: Joseph Benavidez defeats Ali Bagautinov via Unanimous Decision.

"The Savage" Shawn Jordan vs. Ruslan "Leopard" Magomedov – Jordan (USA) is 18-6-0. Magomedov (Russia) is 13-1-0. They are fighting in the Heavyweight Division.

SYNOPSIS: It seemed as if the fight would have been a volley of fists. Unfortunately, in-fight injuries Jordan suffered in the first round heavily slowed down the remaining rounds. First off, Jordan suffered two cuts near his eyes. He absorbed a lot of punishment by Madomedov. Finally, it is believed Jordan injured or broke a rib. As a result of the aforementioned, Jordan became somewhat cautious. Eventually, Jordan became extremely defensive after he barely dodged a kick in which Madomadov's toe nearly scrapped Jordan's eye.

RESULTS: Ruslan Magomedov defeats Shawn Jordan via Unanimous Decision.

Ryan "Darth" Bader vs. Rashad "Suga" Evans – Bader (USA) is 20-4-0 and ranked number four. Evans (USA) is 24-3-1 and ranked number five. They are fighting in the Light Heavyweight Division.

SYNOPSIS: With four fights down, all four of them have gone coast-to-coast. Though most believed Evans would make a return tonight, Bader pretty much owned this fight. His sneaky right hook and left jab connected numerous times causing the right side of Evans' face to heavily swell up. Also, half of Bader's takedowns were successful while all of Evans have failed. Overall, Bader completely shutdown Evans.

RESULTS: Ryan Bader defeats Rashad Evans via Unanimous Decision.

Daniel "DC" Cormier vs. "The Mauler" Alexander Gustafsson – Cormier (USA) is 15-1-0 and the current UFC light heavyweight champion. Gustafsson (Sweden) is 16-3-0 and ranked number two. They are fighting in the Light Heavyweight Division for the UFC light heavyweight championship.

SYNOPSIS: The last fight is the only split-decision we have on the main card and if one were to see the fight, it is easy to see why. Cormier scored an impressive takedown in the first round, rounded it out with intense right haymakers as well as in-clinch uppercuts. Gustafsson on the other hand suprisingly scored a takedown too. He did tack on some strikes every now and then but it was that huge knee to Cormier's face that was his hardest hit as well as the hardest hit of the fight in general. In the end, the fact that Gustafsson kept running away may have hurt his chances of winning.

RESULTS: Daniel Cormier defeats Alexander Gustafsson via Split Decision.

[Images via UFC 192: Cormier vs. Gustafsson Promotions]