‘Agents Of SHIELD’ Episode 2: New Spoilers And Sneak Peek Tease Returns And More

Marvel Agents of SHIELD is back on Tuesday nights on ABC, and Season 3 started off with a huge episode. The agents have a new task and a new enemy to face. However, the enemy changed by the end of the first episode.

Who is trying to set up Coulson and his team? Fans received a brief glimpse of that new villain during the premiere, and Lash is as evil as they can get.

The Marvel Agents of SHIELD premiere did answer another big question for fans. Simmons is alive, but she is not on the planet Earth. The final moments showed her on another planet, and the goal of the team is to get her back.

Chloe Bennet spoke about the series with Variety. When it comes to Simmons, she said, “We’re all gonna be pretty adamant on seeing what happens with Simmons, so the team is gonna go to great lengths to try and get her back.”

The next episode, titled “Purpose in the Machine,” will bring back Peter MacNichol as the warrior from Asgard. Bennett’s teaser hinted that MacNichol’s return was related to Simmons’ rescue.

While fans did see Simmons during the season premiere, there was no sign of Ward or Agent May. Both were mentioned during the season premiere. Ward is running Hydra and Coulson and his team had not seen May since she left for her vacation at the end of Marvel Agents of SHIELD Season 2.

That will change on Tuesday’s episode. Both Ward and May will pop up on the episode.

Ward is actually the focus of the first sneak peek for the episode shared by ABC. He is using a very fast car to prove a point to someone in the brief sneak peek.

Bennett did talk about Ward and Daisy in the Variety interview, and Daisy has not given up on Ward yet.

“I wouldn’t say she’s completely written him off, no. I think there’s a level of ‘okay, you’re totally crazy’ and she would never say it out loud that she’s not totally written him off, but I like to think that deep, deep, deep down, she doesn’t quite buy this evil s–t.”

As for May, she will not be alone when she returns. Her husband will play a larger role this season. His services will definitely be needed on the team. This means fans will see more of Blair Underwood.

Entertainment Weekly shared the latest comments by Ming-Na Wen in their Friday spoiler report.

“You will see May in the second episode, you just don’t know why she’s there. She’s trying to figure it out and that’s why, in the first episode, no one’s really sure where her head’s at right now. Adding Andrew [Blair Underwood] into the team is really vital for season 3 because the Inhumans are no longer the exception. They’re becoming more of the norm.”

With the Marvel universe only growing more and more each year, fans will see more of Agents of SHIELD on ABC in the months to come. Marvel is even branching out with a comedy series, which was announced on Friday.

For now, fans can enjoy more of Coulson, Daisy, and the Inhumans on ABC each week. There is a new villain, familiar faces, and someone to save. That seems to be the norm for this ABC series.

Marvel Agents of SHIELD will continue to air on ABC on Tuesday nights. What did you think of the Season 3 premiere?

[Photo: ABC]