Perrie Edwards Wears Zayn’s Ring In New Little Mix Video, But What Does It Mean?

Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik broke up last August, but Perrie is stuck seeing herself with Zayn’s ring on her finger in the new Little Mix video. The new music video, “Love me Like You,” dropped on October 2, and fans get to catch some close up sparkle from the “eye-catching accessory” on Perrie’s ring finger.

“Ugh — this is so sad and a tad awkward!” writes Hollywood Life about the romance mix-up. The timing was more than awkward, since the video was shot before Edwards and Malik, both 22, broke up. According to Little Mix, “Perrie Edwards does have her engagement ring on and Jesy Nelson doesn’t have hers because the #LoveMeLikeYouVideo was filmed a while before.”

The whole thing is even more awkward because the video hit the internet just in time to coincide with the pic Zayn “posted…of himself shirtless and cuddled up to a cute blonde.” He’s not saying what role the blonde has in his life, but the pic definitely didn’t look platonic. Zayn’s arm is “wrapped around” the pretty blonde’s neck, and both Zayn and the mystery woman are making a “kissing face” as she gazes at him “adoringly.” According to Hollywood Life, fans are “losing their minds” over the startling resemblance between Perrie and the new love interest in Zayn’s life.

That is sad, “all sorts of sad,” although Perrie seems to be dealing with Zayn’s new romance really well. A source close to Edwards spoke to Hollywood Life about Malik’s picture.

“Is she heartbroken over the pic? No, she’s disgusted,” an insider told the online gossip magazine. According to the insider, Perrie thinks Zayn is putting some effort into making her jealous, but it’s not working.

“She wants to tell the girl, ‘You can have him’! Perrie isn’t wasting any more tears on this guy. Plus, she thinks he’s just trying to make her jealous because he knows she has moved on. It’s just an attention-seeking, desperate, heartless ploy.”

The video with the huge ring on Perrie’s finger might have more effect on the Little Mix singer than her ex-boyfriend’s “heartless ploy.” It has to be tough to have to look back at what might have been, especially when Zayn’s new girlfriend looks so much like Perrie.

The source who said that Perrie is done crying over the break-up also said that “the photo just confirms everything she already thinks about Zayn.” Edwards took one look at the photo and “heartless” was “the first word that came to Perrie’s mind.”

The lyrics in the “Love Me Like You” video even seem to almost be talking about Perrie’s and Zayn’s breakup and “a girl who’s missing her ex.”

“I tried to find somebody new. “Baby they ain’t got a clue. Can’t love me like you.”

With Perrie wearing the ring on her left hand, the Little Mix video could be seen as Edwards “trying to say something” about wanting to get back together. Fans know that’s not true though, since the video was shot before the breakup and nothing could be done about the ring. Besides., everyone knows that Perrie is more than over Zayn. Back in September, 4Music went as far as to list 15 reasons why we know Perrie is “sooo getting over ” Zayn.

So, is it really all that awkward after all that Perrie is wearing Zayn’s ring? If she doesn’t care what Malik thinks, Perrie can just enjoy seeing how great the ring looks and not worry about the might-have-beens.

Check out the new “Love Me Like You” video here.

[Image via John Phillips / Stringer / Getty]