Peeple App Gets Confused With Peeple’s Smart Camera And Peeple Photo-Sharing App

The new Peeple app is being hailed as the “Yelp for people.” This new app is making many furious because it allows you to rate and review people as if they’re businesses or restaurants. It’s also making the developers of a new smart camera app by the same name not too happy.

Peeple has stolen the “Peeple” smart camera’s app thunder with its controversial premise. The new Peeple has a five-star rating system, so that you can talk about your experience with a particular person. What’s also making people mad is that you’re not able to remove any reviews posted by other users.

The new Peeple is currently in beta and won’t officially, fully launch until November. Nonetheless, this controversial app is already getting its share of reviews across social media. Chris Chuter is the developer behind the Peeple smart camera app. He recently won $150,000 at a competition in the U.K. for his new invention, which is a “smart camera” that can be attached to existing peepholes on front doors. With the use of Wi-Fi and the Peeple app, it alerts you about anyone who arrives or opens your front door. The company even started strong with a Kickstarter generating in over $90,000, almost doubling its target goal.

People have already confused Chuter’s Peeple smart camera app for the controversial new Peeple app.

He’s particularly annoyed because he’s been receiving most of the wrath that should be aimed at Julia Corday and Nicole McCullogh, the actual developers and co-founders of the “Yelp for People.”

“We wanted to be something that people wanted. Not something people…hated. The emails are pretty nice at this point.”

The original Peeple even tried its best to separate itself from the new Peeple app by taking to Twitter and address the differences between the two. But, some users thought that the company was playing tricks on them.

Chris Chuter says that he’s obviously disappointed by the new app stealing their thunder and dragging their name in the dirt.

“This was supposed to be our moment in the sun. We just won a major competition…then this happened yesterday and completely swallowed up our press. Our branding is in tatters.”

Peeple (the smart phone app) can challenge Peeple (the new app) in United States court. Chuter says that his company registered their trademark in the U.S. with the intent to use. Peeple the app registered around the same time as his company, but their trademark registration is in Canada, where one of the founders is located. What makes it more interesting is that their trademark is currently suspended, which means someone else is already challenging their trademark there.

Unfortunately, the Peeple smart phone app can’t use the U.S. courts to get Peeple the app to change their name. They have to prove that the other company is ruining their brand. Despite the name confusion, Chuter does share some sympathy for the founders of the app because he’s aware that most of the mean tweets and Facebook comments are meant for them. He also gave his thoughts on their new “positivity app.”

“I feel bad for them. I can’t imagine what this is like, I’m only seeing a percentage of it. The LGBT and trans communities are going nuts against these people. Which, it makes sense — a lot of people who are already experiencing oppression and bullying don’t want an app like this.”

Peeple, the photo-sharing app, is also receiving some of the irate comments meant for Peeple, the rating app. They also took to Twitter to let users know that they’re not associated with the new app that allows you to rate and review people. This Los Angeles based company is also trademarked in the U.S. No word if the Peeple photo-sharing app will also challenge the Peeple app, as well.

The Peeple photo-sharing app allows you to create digital photo albums among you and your friends, or your “peeple.” Think of it as the cloud version of Instagram or Flickr. This app allows you to make friends and keep them, not tear them apart.

[Photo by Peeple/Facebook]