Sean Crumpler: HIV Positive Sex Offender Admitted To ‘Hunting’ Young Boys And Branding Victims With Tattoos

Sean Crumpler is a registered sex offender from Aurora, Colorado, who has been charged with a litany of horrific sex crimes involving underage boys and branding runaways with tattoos bearing his name.

As reported by the Huffington Post, 48-year-old Sean Crumpler has been accused of child sexual assault, child sex trafficking, trafficking for sexual service, and sexual offense with notice of HIV. An arrest affidavit for Sean Crumpler states that he admitted to a past teen victim that he hunts “young boys to bring back to the house.”

Sean Crumpler affadavit

Sean Crumpler also allegedly met many male runaways on the dating app Grindr. In exchange for sex, Crumpler would force the men to get a tattoo of a bird that resembled his neighborhood logo along with his name, Sean.

One of his 23-year-old victims spoke to FOX31 about the branding.

“He told me that it was because they were supposed to get it, and because it kept away all the other ‘sugar daddies’ when they are out partying or at the club.”

But that’s not all Sean Crumpler expected in exchange for sex. According to the Aurora Police Department and the FBI, Crumpler was housing several dozen males ranging from ages 16 to 21 in his home. In order to stay there rent free, the young men and boys were forced to have sex with Sean Crumpler himself, or whatever other men he sent to the house. Essentially, Crumpler was keeping a branded collection of indebted men and underage boys and using them to stage massive orgies at his leisure.

The worst part is Sean Crumpler is HIV positive, but no one in the home practiced safe sex. Some of the victims reportedly knew of his HIV status.

“Most of the time when Sean was away, they’d have other guys over and have sex with them, but when Sean was there, they were forced to have sex with whoever he said,” said his 23-year-old victim, whose identity has not been revealed.

The victim also revealed that Sean Crumpler regularly “preyed” on gay men and boys who had runaway from their homes, often because their sexuality had not been accepted by family or peers. Knowing the men were in desperate need of help, Sean Crumpler would take them in, but only in exchange for sex. One of his victims was a 16-year-old boy who was kicked out of his home for being gay.

“When he got kicked out, he was on the streets of Denver for four to five months where he got hooked on meth and he got beat up,” said the 23-year-old. “At one point, he got all of his teeth kicked out and so sort of a knight in shining armor [Sean Crumpler] comes in and says he’ll take care of everything, all the medical bills, dental bills, all the drugs that you could want.”

Despite the horrific nature of Sean Crumpler’s home, many of his victims did not see themselves as victims. They reportedly spent all day watching television, playing video games, and even making homemade pornography.

“They don’t realize they’re victims. They think he’s there to help them and they get whatever they want and they don’t have to work or get jobs or participate in normal society.”

Even more disturbing is the fact that Sean Crumpler had been previously registered as a sex offender and released from the Jefferson County Detention Center. Authorities regretted releasing him after learning about the shocking sex crimes he committed while on bail.

Sean Crumpler has since been evicted from his home. His LinkedIn profile lists him as a “Systems Engineer at Centernix.”

[Image credit: Aurora Police Department, LinkedIn]