Is Jay Cutler Going To Play For The Chicago Bears This Sunday?

Uncertainty hovers over the status of the Chicago Bears’ quarterback, Jay Cutler. The question is, will Jay Cutler suit up and play for the Bears after sitting out last week’s game against the Seattle Seahawks? It is possible that may happen. ESPN Chicago’s Jeff Dickerson is reporting that Cutler is listed as questionable on the Bears official injury report.

Is Jay Cutler healthy enough to play? If he does play, he will face a vulnerable Oakland Raiders’ secondary that ranks 25th in passing yards allowed. Oakland also gives up a staggering 28.7 points a game, which ranks 28th in the NFL. Those numbers would make for easy pickings with a healthy Cutler calling plays under center for the Bears.

Can he bounce back this quickly?

Cutler suffered a hamstring injury versus the Arizona Cardinals. It happened during his tackle attempt after Tony Jefferson intercepted a pass intended for tight end Martellus Bennett. After receiving a stiff arm, Cutler got up off of the grass and started walking gingerly. He returned to the Bears’ sidelines, but never came back into the game.

<> at Soldier Field on September 20, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Jim Durr/Getty Images Sport)

He was on hand the most embarrassing display of offense, not seen in Chicago since Henry Burris suited up at quarterback several seasons ago. Since Cutler’s injury the passing game has become inept.

Chicago Bears’ backup QB Jimmy Clausen has thrown for 184 yards in the same amount of quarters play as Jay Cutler. The difference is that Cutler has 345 aerial yards. He knows the offense and actually played as if he is the ideal fit for what the Bears wanted to do.

In showing a clear grasp of the offense the embattled signal caller kept the team within striking distance against two strong opponents.

Jimmy Clausen did not fare well when he came in after Cutler was hurt. Versus Arizona, Clausen could not establish good lines of communication with the offensive line, or receivers. Running the football was the game plan against the Seattle Seahawks. And it worked for nearly a half. Once the Seahawks adjusted to the heavy run schemes the Bears were using, the Bears had to attempt a few passes to keep things honest. It failed miserably. Clausen completed one pass over 20 yards.

No one expected the Bears to move the football against a vaulted Seahawks’ defense. The Bears were shut out 26-0, only reaching midfield once in 10 offensive possessions. Having Jay Cutler would have posed a threat in the passing game.

The Oakland Raiders represent the first beatable team on the Bears schedule. Even with Clausen throwing the passes, the Bears need to put themselves in a better position this week.


Despite being limited in practice, Jay Cutler is doing everything he can to play this Sunday. He told the Chicago Sun-Times that he is hopeful about his return to play against the Raiders. He also admitted that he was cautious about his hamstring injury.

“If you do come back on a hamstring earlier than you want to, it’s definitely going to be in the back of your mind because there’s that slight pull. It’s an instinctual game out there. You’re doing things on the run without thinking. To have to worry about a hamstring and moving around is something that can weigh on you.”

Based on the above quote, his instincts are telling him to do his best to give playing a try. Right now, the Chicago Bears need a win in the worst way. They are 0-3 for the first time in over a decade. Losing will only create a cast of doubt among the players. After watching the Bears try to play for six quarters, Jay Cutler knows that his presence can make a difference. If his hamstring responds well between now and the noon kickoff, Cutler will likely play.

Jay Cutler’s possible return gives the Bears some hopeful news. As for his favorite target, Alshon Jeffery will not play according to Connor Orr of

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