Will Smith New ‘Fiesta’ Song: Lyrics Prove Smith’s Sofía Vergara Crush And Tesla Love [Video]

The Internet seems to be going crazy over Will Smith’s new song, called “Fiesta,” and not Bomba Estéreo for those who took to Google Translate to figure out if that was the name of the song. Bomba Estéreo is actually a band from Colombia, created in Bogotá, a full decade ago by Simón Mejía. The band, birthed in 2005, was chosen as the backdrop for Will’s rhymes. Smith introduces himself as “Big Will” in the beginning of the “Fiesta” song. With Smith teaming up with the “electro vacilón”, “electro tropical” or “psychedelic cumbia” music-creating band, it certainly makes for an electric combination.

Since Will hasn’t dropped a song in years, Smith’s collaboration with Bomba Estéreo is burning up YouTube and bringing in the views aplenty. On Twitter, Smith’s name and news about Big Will’s new song is bringing the superstar’s moniker to the trending topics section. Folks are putting in their reviews of Will’s song. As expected, some are loving the lyrics and others are giving it negative reviews. Overall, on YouTube, the thumbs ups outweigh the thumbs downs for Smith’s new party song, a track that celebrates beauty and good times.

“Big Will. Hold up. All right. Hola mamacita – go get me a beer-a
This track is a heater – couldn’t let the beat go by without a feature”

Will calls the new song “a heater,” a phrase Smith uses in the same way that Christian rapper LeCrae uses “a heater” in his songs to describe a banging hit. But, in listening to Smith’s lyrics, it’s not just a banging song that Big Will is seeking, but a gorgeous Colombian woman, like Sofia Vergara, as can be heard by the way Will rhymes about wanting a woman as sexy as “Sofie” to tear up the dance floor with.

“Oh yeah ’cause it’s hot s*** only
You know me, OG, high class and low key, only
Trying to find me a “Sofie” Vergara and the dancefloor and tear up
‘Cause me I like beauty, and she Colombian and laced in designer
The kind that gets impatient, got to be blatant”

It’s the same kind of fare that Will spit in his beloved “Miami” song, wherein he praised “so many hot looking women with Dominican tans” that said “Ay papi” when Smith called them “hot mamis” in turn.

“Walk up behind her
No gas in me, I’m a Tesla
Teach game, sensei professor
Will Smith is straight, I’m the fresh one

Smith calls himself a sensei — in some martial arts styles, it is the title given to one who schools folks like a teacher — in the “Fiesta” song, and he rhymes about teaching game, which likely means he throws down a mean mack with the ladies.

Meanwhile, alternating Colombian Spanish and English in Will’s new “Fiesta” song reminds fans of an episode of Modern Family, and many hope the lyric video is not far behind. Thus far, only the Bomba Estéreo, Will Smith – Fiesta (Remix)[Cover Audio] appears on the group’s YouTube channel, and it has racked up 7,420 views in the 10 hours since it was published therein.

“Amigo – my people
We came here for good times”

As reported EurWeb, Will met the group recently in Colombia, and a forthcoming visual video is on the way.

Thus far, the Twitter account belonging to Sofia “Whom Will Calls Sofie” Vergara has yet to publish any response to her name being mentioned in Smith’s first song in more than 10 years.

Will Smith has been busy fending off divorce rumors, making a movie about football players and concussions, and apparently squeezing in enough time to drop lyrics on a hot track.

[Image via Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment]