Woman’s Text Message To Stranger, Bizarre Twist Of Fate Leads To Marriage

One couple’s love story is making headlines and surprisingly it all began with a text message. Of course, you’ve probably heard many compelling stories about couples who’ve met and fallen in love via online dating platforms like eHarmony.com, Match.com, and even ChristianMingle.com. However, Kasey Bergh’s love story is much different. Apparently, a text messaging error led to a bizarre twist of fate that ultimately changed the course of her life. Now, she’s married to a stranger she met accidentally.

According to Metro, 53-year-old Kasey Bergh came in contact with 23-year-old Henry Glendening a little over three years ago when she was attempting to contact a co-worker while out of town on a business trip to Denver, Colorado. Bergh’s colleague was reportedly running behind schedule due to a delayed flight. So, she sent a text to a person she initially thought was another colleague.

“Hey, it’s Kasey. I was supposed to connect w Maria @ the park but her plane was delayed so I’m at the Westin. Wanted to see if I could connect w anyone else,” the message said. Her quick text about the meeting fell into the wrong hands when Glendening received the message. Unlike most recipients who would have simply ignored the text upon realizing it was sent in error, Glendening decide to be “courteous” and respond, according to the St. Louis Patch.


“Sorry youve got the wrong number. But if i wasnt headed to work i’d b down to hang ;),” wrote Glendening. His courteous response prompted an apology from Bergh. However, their conversion didn’t stop there. Bergh went on to vent about her frustrations over the delay, which altered the course of her work day.

During an interview, Bergh explained how the delay prohibited her from making progress on a project she and her colleagues were collaborating on.

“I was so frustrated because I couldn’t connect with anyone, and then the only person on the planet I connect with was the wrong number,” Bergh said.


The two strangers exchanged more text messages and one week later, they decided to meet in person. Of course, the 30-year age difference was a brief topic of conversation, but Glendening made it clear that age didn’t matter to him. Within a short period of time, they both became much more fascinated with seeing where their chance meeting would lead.

“It really didn’t make any difference,” he added of the age gap. “We were so connected at that point through deeper stuff… From the very, very beginning it felt like we were on the same wavelength.”

One week later they had their first date. Since the two are fervent believes in serendipity, they both instantly believe Kasey’s text message wasn’t a mistake and that it’s all a part of a twitsted chance of fate. During their interview with the St. Louis Today, Glendening related their experience to inspirations documented in the book, The Secret, which insists insists “laws of attraction” and positive thoughts can lead to life-altering experiences.

“It touches on the big principles that have always been important to me,” Bergh said. “In my experience, a lot of people don’t believe in that kind of stuff,” Glendening said. “They think the world is what it is and they feel the law of attraction is a silly belief.”

It’s been three years since their first text message exchange. Now, they are happily married. Three months ago, they tied the knot in front of a creative Mississippi River flood wall with a beautiful backdrop artistically customized by graffiti artists.

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