Betty White: Death News Hoaxes Make Her One Of The Most Dangerous Celebrities On The Internet

News regarding the death of Betty White has spread across the Internet like a wild fire in recent years. Each announcement was quickly diminished as nothing more than an Internet hoax. However, recent news reveals that reports of her death might have been more than a simple hoax, resulting in Betty White being named as one of the most dangerous celebrities to search for on the Internet.

Intel Security’s ninth annual study that correlates the level of online risk in comparison to celebrity Internet searches has revealed the top 10 most dangerous celebrities on the Internet. Of the top ten, the beloved Betty White claimed her spot at number eight alongside celebrities that are much younger than she is. The survey labels the celebrities as being ‘dangerous,’ according to KGMI, not in their real lives, but in the virtual world of the Internet.

The top ten most dangerous celebrities on the Internet, as revealed by Intel Security, are listed below.

  1. Armin Van Buuren
  2. Luke Bryan
  3. Usher
  4. Brittney Spears
  5. Jay Z
  6. Katie Perry
  7. Amy Schumer
  8. Betty White
  9. Lorde
  10. Nina Dobrev

The study breaks the top ten down further into other categories, such as musicians, funny females and fellows, mad for movies, TV talk, and more.

With so many young and popular celebrities on the lists, it is wondered why the 93 year old starlet has made her appearance.

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 14: Actress Betty White visits "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" at Rockefeller Center on June 14, 2011 in New York City. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Intel Security’s Online Safety Expert, Stacey Conner, revealed that Betty White’s recent career resurgence may have a lot to do with it.

“I think a couple of things made her particularly search-worthy. First of all her show, ‘Betty White’s Off Their Rockers:’ She began that comedy show. It was nominated for three Emmy awards. She’s made a lot of guest TV appearances, and at the time of our search, there was a rumor going around that Betty White had passed away. There’s often those Internet hoaxes that will claim the death of a certain celebrity, and at that time, it was Betty White.”

Conner also revealed that Betty White’s vocal insertion into politics and other public support matters makes her a prime target to hide viruses and other Internet infections behind.

“She is a very public supporter of gender equality and LGBT rights. And if you think about what was happening over the summer with the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality, that was probably linked to it.”

According to the Chicago Tribune, Betty White’s celebrity status and the recent death hoaxes are prime methods used to draw curious and uninformed individuals to sites that attempt to inject PCs with malware. Social Media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, have made it easy for the hoaxers to share their sites and welcome the unsuspecting into their realm of infection.

Michael Kaiser, of the National Security Alliance, has provided tips to steer clear of malware while surfing the Internet. His number one tip is to ensure that your security software is turned on and up to date. In addition, choosing a password that is unique for each account, and contains letters, numbers, and special characters, will continue to protect your accounts if you accidentally fall for Betty White’s death hoax. Browsers, such as Firefox and Chrome, have built-in security warnings when a page shows signatures or signs of being infected, providing an extra layer of protection.

Although Betty White may not be personally hiding behind a curtain, waiting to infect your computer with a nasty case of malware, her name may become the perfect bait to lure you in and latch on to your PC. Rather than clicking on the first link you find that reports news, such as Betty White’s death, conduct a simple search in your favorite search engine and see if the news is trending, or if major news outlets are reporting on the information. A quick check on your search can save the hours and dollars needed to repair an infected PC.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - MARCH 16: Actress Betty White speaks onstage during the 19th annual "A Night At Sardi's" fundraiser and awards dinner benefitting the Alzheimer's Association at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on March 16, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Alzheimer's Association)

[Photo by Brian To/Getty Images Entertainment]