‘RHOC’ Star Vicki Gunvalson And Brooks Ayers Breakup: Will Former Couple Present A United Front At Season 10 Reunion

With the Season 10 reunion special looming for the Real Housewives of Orange County, one major question surrounding the special is whether or not Brooks Ayers will be in attendance. Given the fact that Ayers’ battle with cancer has been a major story point during this season of the reality show, the odds are that he will make a cameo at some point during the special. If that happens, will Vicki Gunvalson stand by him even though the two have since broken up?

As fans are well aware, Ayers has been at the center of controversy on the show as questions of his cancer loom large among the cast members. Although Ayers has remained adamant that he does have cancer, some of the women on the show believe he is lying about having the disease.

This drama and fighting between Ayers and some of the other cast members of the RHOC has meant that Gunvalson has been thrown into the mix, defending her former boyfriend against her friends and enemies. Naturally, this has led to multiple fights and confrontations between Gunvalson and her fellow co-stars, with Gunvalson remaining firm in her support even though Ayers has not offered any evidence that he has the disease.

Vicki Gunvalson continues to support her ex Brooks Ayers amidst claims he faked cancer [Image Courtesy: Bravo]

With that in mind, there are quite a few questions fans have for Ayers if he does make an appearance on the special. These questions include some of the reasons he and Gunvalson decided to split up, if there is a chance that they will get back together, and why Vicki Gunvalson dislikes Meghan King Edmonds so much.

Additionally, it would be interesting to know how Ayers stays positive and relaxed even though he is going through an intense battle with cancer. With all the accusations against him, and considering his split with Gunvalson, it is amazing that he hasn’t lashed out at some point.

Hopefully, Ayers makes an appearance during the reunion special and answers some of these questions. According to the Real Mr. Housewife, that should become a reality as Ayers will be included in the special, though he might not make an appearance in person.

Apparently, Ayers recently had an interview with host Andy Cohen concerning the allegations that he is lying about his cancer.

“Brooks met with Andy Cohen a few weeks ago,” an insider told the outlet. “The pair had a taped sit down. It was similar to the 1-on-1 interviews Cohen is known for. This was truly Brook’s chance to respond to all of the allegations that have been thrown his way this reason.”

This news backs up recent Twitter posts by Ayers, in which he alludes to the idea that he will be releasing evidence that proves he has cancer.

“Good morning NYC,” Ayers wrote alongside a picture of New York City. “Time to set the record straight! #truth revealed #editedrealitytv.”

Does Vicki Gunvalson know the truth about Brooks Ayers' cancer? [Image Courtesy: Bravo]

Although it is possible that the network will air the special interview in the next few episodes, the insider stated that Bravo is going to wait until the reunion.

“They are going to be interspersing clips of what Brooks taped and playing them for the women at the reunion,” the source revealed. “This will surely drum up the drama, as he has been a hot topic all season; however, it’s only fair he finally have his chance to respond and be heard.”

If this is true, then the reunion special is going to be filled with a healthy amount of drama. It also means that the issue of Ayers’ cancer is not going to be resolved in the few remaining episodes of Season 10.

The drama between Vicki Gunvalson, Brooks Ayers and the rest of the ladies of the Real Housewives of Orange County continues Monday nights on Bravo.

[Image Courtesy: Bravo]